Sri Lanka government considering a referendum

  • 15 Apr 2006 18:02:12 GMT

    Lets see how this goes. I see the JVP and JHU idiots already standing in the way of peace.

  • 15 Apr 2006 18:23:54 GMT


    Tamils can do that in Tamil NADU not in sri Lanka. You won`t be accpeted in tamilNadu too, because you are malayali.

    `Tamils choice is more important than a Sri Lankan Sinhalese referendum to solve the ethnic crisis...`

    As long as tamils think like brain dead idiopts, there won`t be any peace in Sri Lanka.

  • 15 Apr 2006 18:32:33 GMT

    What a wastage of money!Sri lankans will be immune to elections and referendums in the future.

    CBK tried sleeping with the enemy until they bit her. In the process country lost 880 million rupees unnessarily for a election and there by blocking possible peace.

    MR fooled the country to sleep with the enemy just to get votes and win elections and now reality has dawn.

    Unable to bear the stench of the enemy in bed, now he is trying to wriggle out of it by having a referendum.

    Whole of SL is suffering due to utter ignorence of so called politiciens who will do any thing to gain power.

  • 15 Apr 2006 18:45:21 GMT


    If you have 3 think about this.

    Sinhala mahavamsa mindset can not talk anything that would raise racist undertones.

    On the other hand, most tamils thrive on that.

    I don`t know which group you are in.

    There are coolies trying to preach to them.

  • 15 Apr 2006 18:54:43 GMT

    These monk(ey)s party and other donkey party are always stumbling block to step up peace. If they oppose federalism, they can`t stop Tamils to go on separatism.

  • 15 Apr 2006 18:59:41 GMT

    Referendum should have considered the opinions of Tamils in North and East,Tamils need should be determined by Tamils only not by Sinhalese,MR would determine south on peace or war .

    once the referendum finished , he should spent another 3 or 6 months only for a discussion with all party , again another election , another referendum , so he will be ready for next preferential election .

    in his 2nd term , he will repeat his mandate for war .

  • 15 Apr 2006 19:02:52 GMT

    [Buddhist chauvinists should leave our home as soon as possible if not we will Chase you! ]

    Don`t bark at the moon you sun dogs. Go back to tamil nadu that is your home and be civilised

  • 15 Apr 2006 19:12:11 GMT

    Kamani !

    Don`t forget your homeland that is north India from where your ancestors came to Sri lanka unexpectedly and mixed with Tamils now you are a new race in Sri lanka.

  • 15 Apr 2006 19:13:51 GMT


    If you want to know about what JVP`s stand read the following article about KAdiragamar.

    Otherwise, you are talking while poorly informed.

    `Srilanka - Who cares for Kadirgamar?

    Apr 15 (ID) When the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, an outspoken critic of LTTE, was assassinated on Aug 12, 2005, it was ascribed to the LTTE almost near unanimously. This surmise was based upon LTTE`s past record of killings. In the case of Kathirgamar, this suspicion is well founded because LTTE`s had always called him a `Traitor` who had forsaken his Tamil roots and `defected` to the ranks of Sinhala chauvinists.


  • 15 Apr 2006 19:16:11 GMT



    I think, srilanka should have ripped into 4 pies,that would have solved the issue .

    1.South for Sinhalese ,

    2 Main Tamil Eelam in North and East

    3 a sub Eelam in up country,

    4 in between areas for Muslim bros.