High flying Tigers

  • 7 Apr 2006 01:34:59 GMT

    These are ridiclous demands by the LTTE which should be vehemently opposed at all costs. It should be remembered that the LTTE has been internationally classified as a terrorist out-fit and not as freedom fighters. The LTTE also does not have a mandate from the Tamils. They have taken the `mandate` by force and violence eleminating all other groups who purpotedly fought for the rights of the Tamils with the gun and through democratic means. The LTTE should also remember that Karuna was a creation of VP and the LTTE itself. If Karuna is a threat to VP & Co now it is they who have to be responsible for their own predicament. Karuna has turned out to be the Frankenstein monster of the LTTE. On what basis is the GOSL to to be held responsible for Karuna? If Karuna is infact supporting the GOSL how is that wrong? If Karuna is a pain in VP`s backside what VP should do is eleminate him as VP has done with so many others who were thorns in his anus. Killing is part of the megolomaniacal life of VP isn`t it?

    If these embicile rascals representing the LTTE could come to Colombo by whatever methods from the Wanni and go through Katunayaka to Geneva unhindered and then get back the same way with goodies brought from Switzerland, what now? Who do they think they are? Some kind of superior godly beings than the rest?

  • 7 Apr 2006 03:50:37 GMT

    Next demand would be permission to land.

    This is something GOSL should not allow. These precedents would create more headaches later on.

    We should not allow this.

  • 7 Apr 2006 04:03:28 GMT

    Provide the requested facilities or face the consequence!

  • 7 Apr 2006 04:31:15 GMT

    Hi Anita!

    Your way of writing reminds me of Malship.

    He has been writing in this forum for quite sometime and he was banned.

    Do you know him?

  • 7 Apr 2006 05:14:32 GMT


    There are some people waiting and hooting for the longest time to kick out the norwegians, you can join them! LOL!

  • 7 Apr 2006 05:23:35 GMT

    After 9/11 When LTTE declared unilateral CF it should have been the GOSL who should have taken the upper hand. Unfortunately it was the opportunist Ranil who was willing to wipe the A..s of Prabhakaran since his intention was to defeat CBK on his short sighted view of Boosting the economy under a bogus CFA, instrumental in promoting terrorism further and jeopardizing national security of the country . In any part of the world a war would bring only destruction to the economy. In the case of Sri Lanka we were not fighting with another country but a civil war with Terrorists. It was nothing but UNP in their 13 years of dictatorship fanning the fire of ethnic conflict in this country and with political corruption extending it in to the military ,wasting millions of dollars failed to subdue terrorism and establish the democratic rights of the Tamils of our country.

    When Prabhakaran wanted a CF, it was an opportunity for Ranil to discuss the most important issue in the history of our country with the then executive president CBK to formulate a more appropriate CFA not just giving in to a stupid CFA,ISGA with an intention for an Elam. However it was the political opportunism of Ranil which played the decisive role in that event. As a result of that not only he lost his political power but also created breeding grounds for Singhalese Buddhist extremism. Fortunately today thanks to MR?s patience not only the credibility of Ranil and UNP is lost but also the elements of JHU and JVP. JVP is good to stir nationalism among the Singhalese but is a disaster in economic policies.

    It is obvious today that the majority of the country will not opt for a division. When I said `the majority` it is not only the Singhalese as the majority ethnic group but also included the Tamil speaking Muslim minority. The Singhalese and the Muslims together comprise close to 90% of the population of this country .

    Having said that it does not mean that the present day Sri Lankan constitution can be applied democratically through out the country. The very reason is, that there is polarization of communities according to the language they speak, and their religious beliefs. Although a conflict between Buddhism and Hinduism is not the reason for the division between the Singhalese and the Tamils, but was the `Language` , the attempt to unify Tamil Hindus of Dravidian race and Tamil speaking Muslims to create a Tamil Home land had been a failure.

    Despite the fact that the Tamils had very genuine reasons to fight for their Human rights, initially through non violent democratic methods later changing to Terrorism, it is only when the Tamils of Dravidian race truly understand this failure, the true peace and their fundamental , and democratic rights will be established.

    What ever they say, Sri Lankans are ready for a change of Principles. The Majority Singhalese ,very well understand their mistakes and want to rectify it. They have shown immense tolerance over the last 30 years regretting the UNP led massacre of 1983 as well as destroying Tamil cultural heritage . For the Tamil speaking Muslims, this country with 70 % of Buddhist had given the freedom to practice their religion as they wanted in a non Muslim country only seen in India and Sri Lanka among the so called democratic countries of the world even allowing polygamy.

    The Principles need to be changed in this country is devolution of power to those communities, polarized not for decades but for centuries who have a common language . However the situation is such that Tamils of Dravidians race can not dictate terms to the Tamil speaking Muslims any more . The very reason is that the Tamils of Dravidian race had very freely and without any shame displayed racism against the Tamil speaking Muslims during the action of their liberation movement. The language ?Tamil? had been abused to fulfill their failed separatist agenda.

    The elements of hindrance to permanent peace to Sri Lanka is not JVP , JHU which I have no respect or Singhalese Buddhists , Tamils, Muslims, Christians or Catholics, but people with opportunistic policies like Ranil, racists like Prabhakaran, Tamilselvan , and Anton Balasingham along with the Tamil Diaspora who nurture LTTE Terrorism failing to understand the reality .

    When It comes to leadership Sri Lanka is a desert. I have so far not seen President MR as a great leader with a vision but he is doing better than many leaders we had. His patience is his great quality , and if we could get rid of the pressure from JVP , get rid of Opportunists like Ranil, SB from UNP, kick out idiots like Anura from SLFP with the incumbent Prime Minister , corrupt politicians like Jeevan , Mangala, and unite UFA , with UNP it will bring prosperity to all Sri Lankans.

    Of course the task is Humongous and is as illusive as the Tamil Elam!

  • 7 Apr 2006 05:26:43 GMT


    Long time not seen any of your posts. Welcome back.

  • 7 Apr 2006 06:50:18 GMT


    If you have a personal problem with Ranil please go and hit the man.

    Please do not say rubbish just because your personal hatred towards one person.

    I have replied to all your stupid arguments so many times. You very conveniently avoid replying to them and then vomit the same rubbish again and again.

    As I told you, if you have a personal problem with Ranil, take a rock and hit the idiot on the head. Or take a gun and kill him! I do not care.

    However, please do not critisise CFA like this. It is very easy for you to stay in some other country and critisise something that has no effect on you. Only the people here knows what difference it makes in their lives.

    So many people are today alive and the country is doing this well only because of the CFA.

    So please avoid repeating these stupid arguments. It is not good for a professional like you.

  • 7 Apr 2006 07:10:10 GMT

    Good afternoon Naleen

    A real good one on CFA. Id Magha going to learn! Here is some more bullets for you, in case you want to finish Magha.

    `it is now showing signs of recovery after the Government and the LTTE signed a ceasefire in 2002. Colombo stock exchange reported the highest growth in Asia for 2003. Today, Sri Lanka has the highest per capita income in South Asia.` - found on a website form Pakistan (Possibly - Dawn -)


    his exelency NR is handling and controling the peace talks

    even if not directly in the peace talks!

    Why did not CBK do that? irresponsible? was not willing to work together with the UNP premier on the most pressing national issue? never was for peace?

    If Ranil is to blamed for the CFA then CBK needs to be to!

    Not only them, all parties who didn`t come out to put in their inputs on the most important national question!!

    Have a nice day Naleen and Magha

  • 7 Apr 2006 07:41:58 GMT



    You seems to be a lover boy of Ranil. Sorry mate that I hurt your feelings. To be honest I have never seen any body who blindly worships Ranil and UNP like you.


    Naleen , what was the closest distance you came across mortars exploding? You just had the fear of bombs going off in Colombo? Have you ever experienced high velocity ballistic missiles flying over your head? Have you ever attended to an injured person in the battle field? How many people close to you have died fighting not just victims of suicide bombes in Colombo ?

    I know very well about the value of `a CF`. I was talking about a particular stupid CFA signed by the moron Ranil.

    For your information I do not kill any body but save lives.

    The CFA you adore is stupid.

    Either it is You stupidity which can not comprehend that the LTTE who was in a desperate situation as well as exploiting the political instability of the country took the advantage, or you are a character in disguise who get worked up when criticizing the CFA.