Anura blasts yes-men who back-stabbed his sister

  • 7 Apr 2006 01:12:31 GMT

    This speaks volumes. The average politician does not have the intelligence to understand that the moment they secure power `yes men` and `henchmen` sorround them to curry favour to make their own ends meet, and the moment the politician is out of power the `yes men` and `henchmen` are behind someone else. Sarath Silva is a good example.

    People who adviced Felix Dias Bandaranayaka to give milk powder meant for children to his poultry (when children were infact starving) on the pretext that it was excess milk powder going waste ultimately gave evidence against him which contributed to cost him his civic rights. Felix himself had self confessed that his close confidantes mislead him. Hope politicians try to learn from history rather than be gulping down whisky to while away the time.

  • 7 Apr 2006 01:28:01 GMT


    You are a spent force like your sister,please leave the country,go reside abroad,as you did when you were the Minister of tourism,just a waste of space.good riddance1I say.You and your sister hardly spent time in Sri Lanka when you`ll were given power to run the country.

  • 7 Apr 2006 03:54:31 GMT

    All politicians are alike. They have pea brains and like others to massage their egos.

    The same henchmen who flock around Chandrika now gather around Motta Raala. The day Motta Raala is out they will find another pea brained idiot to eulogise. This will go on.

    In fact, politicians are a kind of unfortunate people in this regard. Unlike the rest of us they cannot build true friendships. The moment they are out of power their ?friends? will leave them.

    As for, Anura himself was largely responsible for making Motta Raala what he is today. It was because of Anura`s patronage Motta Raala could climb the ladder, specially in the 1970s. Motta Raala was nobody those days. He got some power only because he was a close friend of the Prime Minister`s son.

    And just like a typical Sri Lankan politician, Motta Raala has conveniently forgotten this past.

  • 7 Apr 2006 04:24:55 GMT

    What goes around comes around. I sure hope something bad happens to CBK.

  • 7 Apr 2006 05:23:16 GMT

    Anura is expecting PM post at the next cabinet re-shuffle and to safeguard his sister CBK from possible VAT investigations in near future over her involvement in the capacity of finance minister.

  • 7 Apr 2006 08:19:36 GMT

    This proves us that people came near only at they have power. Other times they never come. That is the situvation of the world. Thank you.

  • 7 Apr 2006 08:31:12 GMT

    Naleen I completely agree with you. Now the economy of sri lanka is like in the period of 1970s. Now the government is putting taxes to the poeople and for the investers. That will cause to a rrapid cost of living incresement and lower inflavation. Now the interest rates of sri lanka is also incresing. The rupee is devaluing. The production levels goes down. Now the country is also a carbon copy of 2001. The motta rala is like the anem buru gona. That is the throuth nalin. Thank you for your braveryness.

    Now the unemployment of sri lanka is 10%. And the cost of living is more and more. The farmers can`t sell their product in a enough price due to the lower inflavation. Now the bisnesses of sri lanka is falling. And the incomes of them is also decreasing. But the cost of production is very high. The companies also have faced to that prblem. Now the sri lankan investers are going to other countries to invest their. How sri lanka can stand. In near fuature the motta moda gon rala will push out from power by the people as do in 1977. We can`t give without producing incomes. That the disition of us. Thank you.

  • 7 Apr 2006 09:15:40 GMT


    Re: I sure hope something bad happens to CBK.

    During IPKF I hoped something bad happens to Rajiv. And LTTE is blamed for that!

    Now I hope not the same like what you hope for!

  • 7 Apr 2006 13:36:17 GMT

    Dear Nuwanalwis,

    While you are calling others mottaraala, your English

    ,spelling, grammer etc show us how much NUWANA you are having.

    Please learn & talk properly before teaching others to run the country.

    Only this column fits some idiots like you, because no one else will publish your write-ups

  • 7 Apr 2006 14:20:42 GMT

    I agree with Senevi. Before you teach others `Nuwano` you should know what to say. I wonder what sort of a character you are with your friends and relatives. may be Like Mahadenamuttha !!

    Knows every thing but also knows nothing.

    You also say cost of living is Increasing and Inflation is going down. You got your wires mixed up !

    My advice - Write without anger and hate !