President sure of security forces` capabilities

  • 5 Apr 2006 03:35:32 GMT


    You have taken two wrong and misleading examples.

    BOTH IN CASE OF US AND PAKISTAN THE TROUPES HAVE NEVER FOUGHT AGAINST ANY ETHNIC GROUPS WITHIN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. The forces have always fought OUTSIDE, i.e. with another country. However, even with that what you said is not true because American forces were heavily criticized during the Vietnam War and recent Gulf wars. Haven`t you ever heard how American troupes have intimacyually harassed some Iraqi prisoners and the public reaction to that?

    Anyway, why Sri Lanka is different is here the troupes fight internally, against one particular community. So definitely troupes are seen as the instruments of racists of the other community.

    How many AMERICANS killed by US forces? NONE.

    How many PAKISTANIS killed by PAKISTAN forces? NONE.

    Now ask:

    How many SRI LANKANS killed by SRI LANKAN forces? 30,000+ ?

    See the difference?

    Forces were critisised not only by the Tamils, but also by the Sinhalese during the JVP insurrection in 1988-89.

    In 1988 JVP issued a statement warning all family members of the soldiers to force their loved ones to leave army/navy and even police.

    The situation in Sri Lanka can never be compared to those of Pakistan or US. If you need a good example select a county like Rwanda.

  • 5 Apr 2006 04:10:02 GMT


    LTTE`s fake terrorism may be giving some people a temporary `high`. The bottom line is that Sri Lanka is a full fuctioning democratic state as of now, and that`s very well accepted. And the other noticeable fact is that the LTTE has ended up killing their fellow Tamils and SLA is actively using stealth techniques to weaken LTTE`s leadership.

    LTTE terrorrists have killed on-duty and off-duty proud SLA troops... well known. But folks join the forces knowing very well that unltimate sacrifice may be necessary. That`s something to be proud of it. Not to be feared of.

    It does not matter what happened in the past in USA or Pakistan. I only referred to the present day situation where respect to the troops are very evident in both countries.

  • 5 Apr 2006 04:16:53 GMT


    [quote] Sri Lanka is a full fuctioning democratic state as of now, and that`s very well accepted.[unquote]

    If Sri Lanka is a fully functional democratic state EVERY citizen should have the RIGHT to vote.

    In the 2005 Presidential election over 700,000 Tamils in North were restricted their RIGHT to vote, by a terrorist organisation.

    The laws clearly says if voters of a certain area are prevented from voting the election commissioner should NEGATE the results in those areas and do a re-poll.

    If Sri Lanka is a fully functional democracy can you please explain why the election commissioner did not follow the law and have a re-poll ensuring the RIGHT of those 700,000 voters?

  • 5 Apr 2006 04:24:02 GMT


    If there`s anything fishy in the elections, that would have been come to light by now (before you pointed it out) and new elections would been held. Everyone knows who stopped Tamils from voting. No one can stay in power in Sri Lanka without MAJORITY`S consent...just like any other democratic country.

    It`s very different from how the mass-murderer, VP stays on power...pointing pistols at Tamils` heads.

    Do we need more analysis, in order to get more confused?

  • 5 Apr 2006 04:30:17 GMT

    [quote] Everyone knows who stopped Tamils from voting. [unquote]

    Yes, Dayananda Disanayake!

    The law says clearly he should have a re-pool, but this idiot chose not to have it and undemocratically appointed the President!

    So now we are governed by a leader elected UNDEMOCRATICALLY and against election laws!

  • 5 Apr 2006 05:39:53 GMT

    Ya well, lets hope the security forces wont run like they ran when the LTTE attacked BIA.

  • 5 Apr 2006 05:59:24 GMT

    Patriotism is good but substance is needed:

    1.1 Understanding battlefield capability

    War is not a football match. So rarely if ever the two warring sides are numerically equal in force levels. While numbers or force levels are very important parameters in assessing the capability of a force, there are a number of other aspects that add or weaken its battlefield capability. These tangibles as well as intangibles include past conduct of operations, morale, generalship, battlefield leadership, tactics, innovation, administration during operations, and unconventional operations capability etc. These enhance the fighting capabilities of a force. They are the adds-on that compensates the weakness of numerical superiority or firepower. This holds good not only for conventional forces but also for insurgent groups like the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) waging an asymmetric war.

    In the context of Sri Lanka, while the Sri Lanka Security Force (SLSF) is a regular armed force, trained and equipped to fight on land, sea and air, the LTTE is a multifaceted force that started as a militant outfit. It graduated into fighting machine having a regular army augmented by ruthless guerilla warfare capability. It has not hesitated to use terror tactics or target civilians to further its goals. Though its capability has been demonstrated in land and sea, its latent air capability is yet to be proved.

    Col R Hariharan (retd.)

  • 5 Apr 2006 06:10:38 GMT

    This is the clear message given to the forces:

    Your duty is to fight against terrorism. Your duty is NOT to fight against any community. Please do not fill your heads with racist ideas. Do not listen to any political party. Politics is not for you.

    Do not mix terrorism with ethnic issue. Terrorism should be dealt militarily, while ethnic issue needs a political solution. Nowhere in the world ethnics issues are ever solved by military means. So understand and act within your limits.

  • 5 Apr 2006 07:52:25 GMT

    My dear friend anantha (Genmate/Oldpuli),

    Please do not talk rubbish, like a typical JVPer.

    You know nothing about GDP and you know nothing about election law.

    I am not talking about postponement or cancellation of an election.

    Election Commissioner has power to negate the results of any polling booth(s), if he has evidence that the voters are prevented from voting (does not matter by whom). Especially he should exercise this when there is a possibility of the results of that polling booth(s) changing the overall result.

    Why the hell good old Dayanada Disanayake did not do that?

    Yes, Election Commissioner can sing and dance. He may even announce a winner without conducting an election. But that does not help maintaining the democracy in this country.

    My dear Anantha, it is time for you to drop your Tamil disguise and come out in open!

  • 5 Apr 2006 07:59:21 GMT

    Anantha my dear friend,

    War of Baluchis was an internal power struggle between to power centres. It was not an ethnic issue. Some may not even agree to call it Baluchistan war.