Heightened peace activity amidst LTTE demands

  • 2 Apr 2006 12:22:22 GMT

    The Government should not only give security cover but entertain the LTTE delegation for a luncheon or dinner and a send off to Geneva. On their return the delegation should be given a diplomatic welcome and their luggage should be free of search. They have to bring few things for king Pirapakaran and his queen. Of course his children are enjoying milk and honey in the West.It is understood that Norway has given the facility to open a Bank account in the name of Pirapakaran absentia.

    On their arrival to Kilinochchi, they have to kill 50 soldiers in land mines.


  • 3 Apr 2006 01:11:28 GMT

    Of course...Govt would give in due to the pressure from the International (Idiotic) commnunities as they always seen it from the Tamils side ..(they would also conviniently forget that Tamils have a home land in India, called Tamilnadu, and India does not want to give in...And India encouraged the seperate state concept in SL by training the LTTE and getting hammered afterwards..)

    Anything else, Mr Solehim and his cronies think of ....Hey Solheim..you can go back and say geee..the SL govt agreed to all that they must be getting smart, or `we` must be running out of pathetic excuses... Balasingham is getting very nervous as shown on Australian TV...He is running out od steam...