Brain drain continues with hundreds leaving every year

  • 31 Mar 2006 21:50:27 GMT

    If those leaving entered University only on merit basis - then they are entitled to do so - as independent graduates. Those who entered on subjective basis - have the obligation to first serve their people - especially the people of their electorate.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 31 Mar 2006 21:52:15 GMT

    Who is this Tissa Modas?

    World is free!

    People go to better democratic states :)

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:00:21 GMT


    Isn`t it better condition and pay that drive most of the people away from Sri Lanka?

    Don`t we need to make the living standard high if not the pay pack.

    Can we two go to Kelaniya and start some polymer Chem? :-)

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:16:48 GMT


    These type of Modaya have been making a big mouth. US and few other countries made a restriction. Then, they introduced J Visa which requies leave the USA after 3 year of working. (option was made for no-objection).

    I think it was created by former UGC chairman.

    Anyway, Lanka has all these bad stuff like LTTE, gangs, Bihhku-etc. Now they are gonna have Jihad. So all of these things are because Democracy/Freedom.

    When freedom is going away, Brain drain will be stopped. Then they have to start brain washing.

    But the otherside is,

    How can we say it is brain drain, when we consider TC (for example) :) :) :)

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:26:09 GMT

    Not a meaning full scholarships exist to the students admitted to the university in the merit basis,top scorer are outbound to foreign uni like ITT ,Cambridge ,etc sadly lot of Tamils get disqualify because of rational margin maintained by GOSL for the benefit of Sinhalese , they called majority vs. minority :


    Is this you call democratic and equal rights? poor you.

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:27:47 GMT

    Gaja, I didn`t understand your bit about entering uni on sujective basis and serving the electorate. Are you talking about the university system or the sri lankan parliament ??

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:31:31 GMT


    parliament? if have merit you are disqualified bro,only qualification is experiment murderer

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:32:50 GMT


    That is the fraction of Free.

    If weak fellow want to enter to university for free, meet the competition.

    Free tution + scholarship has limitation.

    It is the same as MIT, Caltech, Cambride or Oxford!

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:35:26 GMT


    Hello there, how are you today? Any Whiskey, Brandy Gin or my Fav Red Wine for the weekend?

    The only place you can enter without academic fight is the `PARLIAMENT`

  • 31 Mar 2006 22:37:57 GMT

    Kumari and Thambi,

    Lady and gent, please refer to which Oxford and Cambridge you are referring to as we have those in Sri Lanka as well.