`Kandyans want change`

  • 25 Mar 2006 01:46:30 GMT

    If Kandyans want a real change, majority of the politicians from UNP and SLFP should send home.

  • 25 Mar 2006 07:39:51 GMT

    Some politicians are repeatedly rejected by the electorate and they use the local council elections to get some position as mayors/deputy mayors etc.

    I do not know how much the present mayor has done for the city dweller. All I can say is that for the past 15 years nothing much has been done to improve the living conditions in the city. Visit the market or the goodshed bus stand and you will see the pathetic conditions.

    Kandy is only one of two UNESCO world heritage sites, a lot of tourists roam the area and at least we have to keep the city clean and dust free. If a new administration can bring a total change with a new masterplan for the it is good. If not we will be hearing the same old story. Right now Kandy is bursting at its seams.

  • 25 Mar 2006 20:56:08 GMT

    Kandy`s Mayor has built himself a 5 storey office complex but none else could build it to that height,which as someting to do with the height of the Maligwa,I think.also there is a restiction in building anything on land that exceed the elevation more than 2000 feet above the sea level,but with the right connection planning laws are being passed for over 2000 houses and been built.Poor hard working man have no chance in put a house in those levals.They use any thing to strangle progress and devolopment in Kandy, such as cultural traingle etc.For over hundred years one could buy or enjoy a drink at the Empire hotel,near the lake and govt revoke its liquor licence,thus preventing anyone have a quite drink.This country is going bonkers with religious pioty.Religion is a personal thing and should not impede the scocial life.

    We have a Talaban like town being created in Kandy.When Hon Kadiragamar died I was one of the handful to put a white flag along with my Tamil classmate.In fact I was told by a police officer to remove the big white flag(my bed sheet from London),but I was able to put 3 pillow cases as flag as it was dispicable and gutless shop keepers hid the white cloth.

  • 26 Mar 2006 10:32:53 GMT

    JUSTMAN: so do you think a new mayor can make a difference?

  • 26 Mar 2006 15:26:00 GMT

    This is an essay written with the help of my kids

    The Sacred City of Kandy.

    So far there is no proper plan put forward by any of these parties contesting the election to develop the city of Kandy. Who ever is contesting the election should be able to put forward a proper master plan for the city. Roads need to be widened in the junctions and they should be able to establish double track rounder a bouts in the city centre. There should be a transport system where the busses go from for example Digana to Gampola, Galagedera to Kadugannawa, Wattegama to Penideniya, Haragama to Peradeniya, Gohagoda to Ampitiya, Thalathuoya to Muruthalawa, Gannoruwa to Kundasale and so on, in order to relieve the traffic congestion within the city center. There is no need for any of these bus services to end and start the journey in the middle of the city. City should be clear and open for the traffic to move across rather than allowing for parking and blocking the entire road system. Parking can be established away from the congested streets provided the vehicle owners are provided with a regular bus service around the city to reach the shops and offices after parking in the new parking complex built with billions of investment.

    It is essential to establish a bypass road from Peradeniya road to Kundasale road in order to avoid traffic congestion within the narrow road system in the middle of the Kandy city. This can connect from Heerassagala, Hanthana, Ampitya and Nattharanpotha with widening of existing roads. The road in front of the dalada maligawa should be kept open though out the day for traffic with adeqate security to the religeous places. Closing down the roads is not going to solve the problems faced by citizens at all.

    The pavements should be opened for the pedestrians and the roads should be cleared for the vehicles. By blocking the payments by unauthorized buildings and by creating a traffic block, and there by all the office workers, school children and the salesmen have to wait hours on the road is not going to improve the productivity of a nation. Just by allowing few traders to block the roads and just by allowing few vehicles to park in the main cross roads, millions of work hours are lost due to frequent traffic congestion. The pola and the various celebrations held on a regular basis should be conducted in places outside the city center. Unless we carefully plan the future development of the city of Kandy and implement a proper plan fairly soon the city will become a place where no one can move around in order to attend their day to day requirements. The economic losses would be immeasurable with inevitable further increase in number of vehicles and the population arriving Kandy for essential requirements. And it is the time for the city of Kandy to develop several suburbs and the smaller towns around Kandy namely Peradeniya, Katugastota, Kundasale and Ampitiya to face the future challenges. Are we planning and implementing a proper master plan according to the future requirements. Kandy is the city next to Colombo needs urgent attention.