School admissions racketeers fined

  • 5 Mar 2006 22:37:11 GMT

    This is a business at elast 30 years or so old. It is the govt. who is creating these problems and not addressing these.

  • 5 Mar 2006 22:45:08 GMT

    It is a wonder that some one has changed the tune a bit. I do not know why LTTE was not dragged into this mess too.

    Unless we look at these social evils dispassionately we will never ever find an answer. But a significant number take cover under race, culture, religion and patriotism to commit all these crimes and there are another group ready to white wash these sins. So the evil doers go on unabated.

  • 5 Mar 2006 22:50:45 GMT

    And this the Govt thats going to solve the ethnic problem. Ok!

    Nada give it sometime, a LTTE connection will be found!

  • 5 Mar 2006 23:48:11 GMT

    What is Rs.1500. These guys charge at least Rs 25,000/= to admit a student to an average school. Some guys charge more than Rs. 150,000/= to a college like Royal or Vishaka. Government knows these rackets but keep on blind eye as most of the have some sort of political connection. If you allow 20% of admission on money basis at least that money will go to schools and they can improve facilities of the schools. Fining Rs.1500 for this type of illegal thing is an insult to the legal system of the country

  • 5 Mar 2006 23:51:17 GMT

    Snow tiger:

    `And this the Govt thats going to solve the ethnic problem. Ok!`

    Govt has solved the ethnic problem.

    Capable tamils move to south and children go to schools in the south. Children of other tamils will be paid by LTTE Rs. 7000/head wholesale. Only qualification is they should be able to hold a T-56.

    So tamils in those areas do not have to fight for schools.

    LTTE does not have the same rights In Jaffna and Batticaloa which is becoming a problem.

    SO now, they are discussing CFA to get rid of paramilitaries.

    DO NOT worry Nada`s children grown up. Snow tiger does not have to worry about schools except drug smuggling in scarborough.

  • 6 Mar 2006 06:25:24 GMT

    In the south , if you pay something you can esily get an admission to enter any High school,Universities and this is the reason why south is very low in national education.

    In the north it is entierly different where eduction is very very important and produce more intelligent ,professional people in all fields.

    Most of the doctors,engieers,lawyers ( like GG `s family ) accountants, and civil servants are coming from the north

    at least 85 percent of the country because they are working very hard to achieve their ambition.

    As for the south, the malakiganda example is quite enough how the south is known for the education.One of the directors of Swiss bank in the united states is a Tamil coming from North.There are lot working in the other parts of the world for their best education.

    It was due to the first speech of GG Ponnambalamn at UN as a head of Sri Lankan delegation , that the entier world came to know the existence of a small Island called Sri Lanka. Even some of his opinions were well appreciated by United States to find a solution on viet-Nam war. Mr.J.R. pleaded him for the third UN meeting but it was turned down by GG for his total engagements on behalf of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    When GG appears in the courts, even the judges get scared before the court starts hearing cases because he is a everest in the world law faculity.

    In the north there is no corruption in education but in the south it is usual.

  • 6 Mar 2006 20:46:10 GMT

    All of us are corrupted people.We do all the sins under the sun and always have a habit of pointing finger to the others.It is very hard to find a officer who has not taken bribe during his service.

    No matter how strong or severe the punishment is, this habit will continue.

    the problem is our social and economical and political system.This system has to be changed.

  • 6 Mar 2006 20:48:30 GMT

    Well daid Maddumage!