Sunethra, Dhanasiri in clash over top post

  • 4 Mar 2006 18:21:20 GMT

    Sunethra wants to continue the service her father did. I`m not sure how much she`s done to the public. Let`s wait and see.

  • 4 Mar 2006 19:51:13 GMT

    Political fighting:

    What Dehiwala-Mt.Lavania really needs is not political fighting. The local electorate needs someone who will solve the existing problems within the community. Detail needs to be provided as to how you will solve these problems and how you will work together to unite the people within the community so that we can have a better future for the people. It is good if you can solve some of the vital problems that are there, without any fighting. Specially the needs of the poor people who live in demanding conditions. Please remember the plight of the poor.


  • 5 Mar 2006 21:55:46 GMT

    The `kunu` problem is the worst of all in Dehiwela. Those who solve at least this problem deserve to get elected.