The saataka-saree tangle

  • 3 Mar 2006 16:36:17 GMT

    These are what you call the good times for the wounded UNPers. RW and the co. must get set for a rambling rather sleeping in their armchairs and day dreaming for another 6 years.

    CBK is nothing but a chaotic woman in SLn political history who came to power due to UNP losing all their big guns so its not she who created the light from the darkness from 1977-94 but the UNP themselves for their dictatorship struggles. In 50 years time CBK would not be mentioned by anyone unlike her parents. Its the biggest shameless lame President SL has ever elected. Only renowned for buying properties in Europe and trying to play with Madiwela land and etc.

    CBK, is better of staying away with her stupid egoistic manner rather than intervening the current issues.

    Let the walking wounded (MR) look after the country at least with his ailing allies for sometime before something happens for the goodness of the country.

  • 3 Mar 2006 19:04:16 GMT

    CBK once said `no blood, no mud, on my hands`.

    Oceans of blood of assassinated security men under her command for more than 10 years spilled onto herself first and then to all Lankas in whose name the supreme sacrifice is done.

    Why is CBK so insensitive ?

    Why are our politicos so stupid ?

  • 4 Mar 2006 11:24:23 GMT

    All the prophets of doom counting days of the fall of Mahinda must be living sleepless nights. Sorry boys. If history is what predictions are based upon then it would be a long haul. If the simple times table is what you did not learn in your kindergarten then 6 times 2 is 12 what you all got to put down in your memoirs. Best bet otherwise is planting a Babu in the royal court.

    Talking about development of the society and accountability of politicians, Socrates will have to be risen from the grave.

  • 4 Mar 2006 14:15:38 GMT

    The lady must be having after effects of that splinter injury to her eye ????/

    So, GOSL had been ruled by a dangerous ******* ?

    What was the UNP doing during this time DR Akai ?

    Hi lady, your got an oppoprtunity & you wasted it.Now your time has expired.

    Your sell by date has passed. Go around the globe now to collect those accumilated commissions...

    Good past time to be indulged in.............

    Leave MR alone & if require support take RW with you.

  • 5 Mar 2006 17:40:11 GMT

    CBK, nobody wants you and nobody needs you. The country is better off without you and the party is better off without you. The best service you can do for the country now is to let MR run the country without your nagging. The best service you can do to the party is to give up your leadership and let the party find a suitable leader.

    Please enjoy your retirement quietly and in dignity, though dignity is something you may not know very much about.