UNP wants President`s powers curtailed

  • 24 Nov 2006 15:01:05 GMT

    `need to curtail the Presidential powers to dissolve parliament upon completion of one year of its term.`

    Is is exactly with this power CBK was able to boot out Ranil & Co from the last Parliament for the simple reason CBK do not want Ranil to preside when the pledged $4.50 Billion on the concluded peace deal become effective.

    The UNP at that time was elected by the people and what the situation at the formation of the Grand Alliance? The UNP surrender was en-block out of duress.

    All these are excesses in deception with each party armed with separate hidden agenda unknown to each other.

    If there is doubt about political influences in relation to a ruling delivered by a judge, it will affect the sacredness of the court,? ]

    We see not only political relationship but also blood matrimonial relationships influencing rulings. The pathetic situation is that it has taken so long for the UNP to realise this.

  • 24 Nov 2006 15:05:49 GMT

    What will be the next dictat by the UNP? Will they request the President change his dress to a ` Amu de` ????????

    UNP is shedding croco tears relating problems faced by judges....

    These are the very people who stoned them under JR and spoke about Bahu Bootha Viayawastha?

    Horses were never given Horns and instead provided with log legs............

  • 24 Nov 2006 15:06:30 GMT


    UNP wants to curtail Presidential powers because UNP knows very well that they will have no Chance of whatsoever to taste so called powers for nearly another 11 years, By that time many of present UNP lawmakers would have resigned from all politics.

    At the same time I am sure that they still have bitter taste of what happened in 2004 , So they want to restrict the PP`s so that the government elected in general election couldn`t be dissolved for any reason.

    Can`t UNP supported by other parties, propose to curtail the number of ministries available ??? Does UNP think that so much of ministries needed to run the government supported by PC`s ministries. Who is bearing the ` BARA PENA ` ???

    H.E.Prseident M.R and company will have no doubt to add sooooo many taxes on each and every thing in Sri Lanka to maintain the world heaviest ministerial people ( Country size and population concerned ).

    No sooner We all will see a day on which day all our home watching dogs being taxed not for development purposes but for maintenance of our busy ministers.

  • 24 Nov 2006 17:28:51 GMT

    If by chance Ranil became president at the last P/elections Joseph Michael Perera wouldnt have ever mentioned curtailing P/powers. However, the immediate Priority - What he should bring up in Parliament is to do away with PROVINCIAL Councils which is a huge drain on the economy, which is running parallel to the Central Govt, Municipalities and other local bodies, just walk into their offices to see the number of Governors/ Chief Ministers/ministers/secretaries/private secretaries/security/personal body guards etc., etc.,and the number of SUV s/luxury cars/well maintained offices/personal drivers etc etc., DOES A SMALL country like S/Lanka NEED this, can it afford this..millions of Rupees of Tax payers money just wasted, I do not have the exact figures Per/A, I am sure its more than maintaining The President/Cabinet of Ministers & Deputy Ministers/MPs/paliament etc.,......over to you Mr.Joseph Michael Perera.. have the GUTS to bring this up...forget all your personal agendas..youll be always remembered....

  • 25 Nov 2006 01:16:37 GMT

    The UNP seems to be tasting their own medicine! Why did not the UNP curtail the powers of the presidency when 3 UNP presidents had the spoon in their hands and also when they were in power commanding a majority in the Parliament with Ranil as PM?

    If Ranil was the President of the country would he reduce the powers of the president?

  • 25 Nov 2006 02:21:24 GMT

    Vimukthi, Kiwikanga.

    Your comments are really admirable, The former speaker Mr.Joseph Micheal Perera never tries to curtail so called PP`s if he at least sees a dream in which unp person is president. Now they want to come to Parliament and stay until they finish their political lives within next 11 years of Mr.MR`s term. Because they are afraid of dissolving Parliaments again as Mrs.CBK did. Even Mr.Ranil has very low chances of becoming president. Now he is trying to retain his leadership within the party instead of trying to be president.

    Taking all above into account, Mr.JMP is correct in his views as to get the so called PP`s curtailed in order to remain in the Parliament as long as they live because of the fear of dissolving parliament. If parliament dissolved, they have to first get their tickets, then to win and to secure good minitry in cabinet. If all happens, then they want to continue until end. IF NOT AT LEAST, THEY WANT TO CONTINUE EVEN AT THE OPPOSITION WITH PRESENT FACILITIES RATHER THAN NOTHING.

  • 25 Nov 2006 04:50:04 GMT

    Seems like a prospect of 12 years in the oppsition has set in to the unp which is why they are trying to curtai; the powers of the most hardworking and patriotic president sri lanka has ever had after ranasinghe premadasa...

    mahinda will outplay even premadasa as he is not a hard liner as prema was...(but no other world leadr is a match to premas working ability and at the rate at which he developed the country not even MR not yet atleast)

    so unp goons sleep with the tiges and the `pingooththara` mudalalis (media,pathale,kudu&jawaram) of sri lankan for the next 12 yeras...

    after speding a billions of hora salli to win the presidents race ,to loot the public vote to manipulate with SMS jokes with media pingootharayas( ranil 77% mahinda 21% of the votes according to linaga not sirasa vahini) failed pathetically with the peoples mandate ...now trying to curb and tie his hands... what a bunch of loosers...

    u thoughly deserve the 12 year stay ...!

  • 25 Nov 2006 04:52:56 GMT

    Where is my friend ANIZAM.

    He has the executive rights to comment on UNP matters in this forum.