The grand old Elephant and the Bell

  • 3 Oct 2006 00:35:05 GMT


    [Nakkira naaikku sekku enna sivalingam enna?]

    Mate. What this mean? Can you explain in english.

  • 3 Oct 2006 19:12:21 GMT


    Regardless of language, the meaning is obvious.

    Anyway the direct meaning is; for a licking dog, its all look the same whether it is a lord siva`s statue or for that matter piece of turd.

    (someone will crawl after anyone, regardless of principles)

    Engllish people call`brown nose`

  • 4 Oct 2006 03:48:19 GMT

    One wonders why a licking dog lick Lord Shiva`s statue. Can Sivalingam be translated as Lord Shiva`s statue???



  • 4 Oct 2006 09:34:41 GMT

    Machan Pera,

    This is not for us. We don`t lick shiva`s or anyone`s linga.

  • 4 Oct 2006 09:42:56 GMT


    Amen for that!!



  • 4 Oct 2006 14:48:20 GMT

    A censorship with buttering

    (LeN- Oct. 04, 7.00 pm) The high ups in the private sector media organizations complain that there is a censorship in force though not officially announced.

    The censorship is imposed in a friendly manner using intimate words such as `malli` (brother).

    Pressure has been exerted on the high ups of the private media organizations from the very top of the administration not to be critical of irregularities such as the delay in the appointment of Independent commissions and the appointments given by certain commissions and how these commissions were appointed etc.

    When a while article critical of the airport to be built at Hambantota was about to be published it was withdrawn from the pages at the last moment due to friendly persuasion.

    The Swarnavahini TV political talk show `Political Week` (Deshapalana Sathiya) was stopped due to political pressure exerted to a high up to that organization.

    It is reported that some private media organizations refrain from publishing certain incidents happening in the NorthEast due to this.

  • 4 Oct 2006 15:43:22 GMT

    An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools - Also by Ernest Hemingway