No group can have a separate army within a Unitary State says Ratnasiri

  • 27 Sep 2005 21:46:52 GMT

    I think CBK is giving a hard time for Mr. Rathnasiri. Can one minister look after all these ministries, agriculture, Buddha sasana and defense. Does he get enough time to sleep? Poor old fellow without having a proper sleep go to the defense meeting and talks some matters relating to Buddha sasana and during Buddha sasana meeting criticize CFA, LTTE killing and he become aggressive.

    This time he is talking about the plantation program that he started. He always messes up his speeches. But he is trying.

  • 27 Sep 2005 22:18:59 GMT

    Mr. Minister take a long nap for the next 2 months.

    CBK is back. You have nothing to do. Just show up for the meetings and applaud what she says.

    Moda Minister.

  • 27 Sep 2005 22:57:37 GMT

    My Dear Minister, who reminds you the topics? Is there a reminding mechanism installed in your PC and all of you are expected to come out with such statements at least once in 10 days or so.Is it in your SOP (standard operative procedure)? As Fairplay rightly mentioned, in your Sri Lanka too you have no national army but only a Sinhalese army to care for the Sinhalese interest. Similarly Tamils have a Tamil army to protect the Tamil interests. Why even we don`t have a president or a PM, all belong to the Sinhalese state. Once you have a real unitary state with the real meaning being reflected not only in words but in deeds as well, then of course we will have only one `Sri Lankan` army and Leaders who truly and sincerely care for all the people of the future unitary state of Sri Lanka. Just words have no meaning at all Mr.Minister and DM of so many portfolios.So until such time let us continue as it is. Ayubowan Amathi Thuma.

    Incidentally regarding your comment `some cannot go to certain areas`, unfortunately that too is your own creation. Since we never had any national leaders they forcibly sent thugs and other undesirables to the `other` areas sponsored by your state mechanism, not to uplift those undesirables, but to dilute the numerical numbers to control the `others`. You all repeated the history of how Vijaya ended up in this tear drop island. Ayubowan thava parak.

  • 28 Sep 2005 01:57:37 GMT

    Fairplay: What is the latest on Ratne the Yak Jo, from Horana, who apart from his racial chantings, now become a speed merchant.

    Has he killed any more school boys in his unitary state.

    The goons in his entourage, a law unto themselves.

  • 28 Sep 2005 04:03:11 GMT

    Hey Malship,

    You seemed to be keeping your fingers crossed on every bloody thing; better than the Presidents secretary.

    This Minister is trying the stunts like Kadir thinking that the International community will tow his line.

    He doesn`t realise that Kadir had a reputation even before he joined politics.

    Moda Minister Ratnasiri.

  • 28 Sep 2005 04:46:02 GMT

    Why can`t you give the definite time table to withdraw all arm forces from illegally occupied Tamil areas in otheast and Northwest.

    Mr.Ratnasiri should understand that the putting up bouddha statues in Tamil homelands by force won`t bring any solution on ethnic problem.

    However, once the federal state is established there won`t be any separate arm forces in Tamil homeland and the sri lankan forces should be mixed with Tamil,Muslims adn sinhalese as a national arm forces.

    all the army bases should be immediately dismantled from Northeast and Northwest as a symbole of peace without any condition and Tamil militants should also give up their arm struggle under federal administration.

  • 28 Sep 2005 04:50:41 GMT

    Mr.Ratnasiri will be the possible candidate to be nominiated immediately by Mrs.CBK withing a few days.

    It`s normal that Mr.Ratna strts uttering all these nonsense.

    Tamil can not live under

    only sinahelse presidents,

    Only Sinhalese prime Ministers.

    Only sinhalese army

    Only sinhalese dominiated supreme courts

    Tamil have their own rights to have their own chief minister like in Tamil nadu in India under federal system.

    sinhalese have no more rights to do the administration in the Northeast or Northwes. It should be under strict federal system run by Tamils with the soverignty of sri lanka.

  • 28 Sep 2005 05:00:25 GMT

    But in almost every country has thugs, drug gangs, suicide cells, torture chambers, pistol gangs, Ransom collectors etc. This is the only country, where such entities are politically accepted and dubbed as liberal organisations, patriots, Freedom fighters, Peace Representatives, Justice of Peace, Tax collectors, Police, Courts, Political wing etc. Ah, I forgot, in general some called Non-Government-Organizations.


    I have a reasonable doubt about the existence of an Army to protect the Tamil interests. If I`m wrong I must say that so called `Tamils` seem to have weired interests so keen on protecting. However, as you have mentioned, once there are leaders who truly and sincerely care about all the people we do not have to bother listening to this type of rubbish.

  • 28 Sep 2005 05:14:25 GMT

    I think old man is looking at defense ministry in case if MR comes into power. He wants to show off his bravery and impress the colleague.

  • 28 Sep 2005 06:18:48 GMT

    Minister said that there cant be a separate army in a unitary state.What about Eelam courts? Eelam bank?