Schools under siege: Principals protest

  • 19 Sep 2005 06:43:20 GMT

    I totally agree with Gamma,

    School authorities should see better way of handling disciplinary matters in a school. In reference to the decided case by magistrate courts, teachers should not contest the judgment but accept it with true spirit on the merits of the case.

    Otherwise they will fall in line with private bus operators.

  • 19 Sep 2005 16:00:00 GMT

    No Child should be harmed physically or mentally by any body (Parents,Teachers, Relatives Ect...).

    If a student get caught smoking `Ganja` call Police hand them over without taking the law to your hand. Same way for robbers. (When Donkeys do Dog`s duty things always go wrong).

    One of the teachers who got the jail term have said that he hold the boy from the neck for love.BS. They Deserve it.

  • 19 Sep 2005 16:44:09 GMT

    The response by this union of school principals and teachers is utterly appalling! What was further appalling were statements by a monk who leads this organisation, threatening an island-wide strike! The decision of the court shall always remain final. We as citizens of this country who have constantly called for and enjoyed the independence of our judiciary cannot under any circumstances go on protest marches against the supreme decision of an independent judge. How hypocritical of us to demand that others abide by the law when we go on protests against the law when people belonging to our group or clan are affected by it.

    Whether the person who physically assaulted this student is not a teacher or not is not the question. What happened in that instance was physical assualt leading to actual bodily harm of the said student. It is a crime under Sri Lanka`s penal code. Why should teachers have special laws unto themselves? Since when did they consider themselves above the law?It is more than enough that we have mad bunch of politicians who think and behave above the law, but to see teachers also calling in for their priviledges is going beyond acceptability. Soon we will have other groups demanding legal priviledges. If teachers claim the right to physically abuse people, students or otherwise, then why not give pistol gangs the right to shoot; unruly street gangs to bully people? Are we trying to create the law of the jungle here? If a teacher finds him or herself incapable of maintaining discipline without physically abusing a student, then obviously they dont deserve to be teachers and maybe should consider other professions which require physical violence and could still be done out of `love and affection` (as so claimed) such as Boxing or Wrestling. But please, kindly refrain from abusing students and stop using `love` and `discipline` as an excuse for the channeling of your own frustrations and failures.

    The high rate of crime and violence in this so-called `Buddhist` society (a philosophy of tranquility and peace) is very valid evidence that the system of how we have brought up our children and the principles which we have taught them are in error. By tolerating and accepting physical abuse and punishment as a form of disciplinary measure, we have cultivated a culture where we seek violence as the only and main source of solving our problems. I am baffled why teachers and monks, who are meant to educate us are simply unaware of this, and just don`t seem to understand the tragic consequences of their actions. Children spend most of the lives in school. Rather than home, it is the school and its atmosphere which play the biggest role in shaping the personalities and qualities of children, which later form an essential part of the values they take with them to adulthood. The criminals, rapists and war mongerers of our society are a result of the educational system which we have followed during the decades. It is time to stop- change.

  • 19 Sep 2005 17:49:55 GMT

    WE (the society) are to be blamed. Not the teachers, not the students.

    We as parents have not done our duty properly. Not the teachers, not the monks.

    Do we listen to any advice given to us? No. We always have a reason not to listen to advice, and we always try hard (no time for anything other than running the `race`)in involving increasing our material wealth, so our children grow up without any value for anything.

    Start from the bottom. How you bring up your children? Do you have time to listen to what they have to say?

    NO. You send them to tution master and you expect teachers from the school and then the tutors from the society will have to listen to your children because you pay school fees and tution fees. And you think, earning as much as possible (ballo mara hari sallis soya), so you can send you child to the best school and to the best tution master.

    The stress comes out like taking drugs, robbing to spend the time. There is no one (no teachers, no parents) to tell them what is the value system they should maintain.

    So just arguing for argument sake is not enough. Start to work on the problem from home. This advice is valid for every one, you, they, and I.

  • 19 Sep 2005 18:26:46 GMT

    Ministry of Education Should implement the ban on the use of Canes in School

    Recently while in Nugegoda, I saw a man entering a shop and coming out of it with a cane. When I confronted him and asked what it was for, he said that he is a school master and the cane is to discipline the students in class. Whatever his school was it appears that the ban on corporal punishment is not being implemented in schools in Sri Lanka.

    Canes should not be used on children at school or at home. Canes to assault should not even be used against animals. Its time for the Ministry of Education and Mrs. Tara de Mel, its committed secretary to implement the Ban of weapons like canes in school and the President to ban the sale of canes in shops. What is UNICEF doing about all this ?

  • 19 Sep 2005 19:04:13 GMT

    I think some students love to be caned. They like it. They have a kind of orgasm when they are subjected to caning.

    But I don`t say caning should be continued.

  • 19 Sep 2005 21:22:10 GMT

    Yes I agree with the fact that inhuman punishments should not be taken place in schools. But reality is still we get few nasty students in some schools who often involve in anti social behaviours.. discipline is the foundation of successful education.. I think teachers should be able to give reasonable punishments to maintain the discipline in the school. Otherwise all school will become like Maria kade and Kanu kate.. furthermore teachers who try to maintain discipline are always at the receiving end.. they are the most unpopular among students.. But to be honest the service they render to the society behind the screen is invaluable.

  • 19 Sep 2005 21:34:51 GMT

    Don`t try to adopt foreign education policies as it is. In other countries, teachers can`t punish students. Actualy they have no control over the children. They act in a bad way to other students (they call it bullying) but teachers have no control over those bullying incidents. Students know that the law is by their side and against the teachers. The classes in other countries are like piggeries. Shouting , running, eating while the teacher teaches something. While they are in the school they kill people for the fun. We had respect to the teacher when we were in school. So we behaved nicely in the school. Giving immatured students the upper hand in law is like ` Wandurata dali pihiya dunna wage`.

  • 20 Sep 2005 00:01:42 GMT

    Dear RAte,

    Not only we respect teachers (not only our teachers but all teachers in the school) when we were studying, we respect them even now (in my case I left school 32 years ago) and that behaviour gives me a satisfaction and I think my teachers are still happy to see me or hear my achievements.

    Some teachers punished (not harsh-punishments) me for some reasons, at that time I (never said I hate him or hate her because) didn`t like those teachers, but when I reminds them now I felt gratitude for them. They disciplined me, that`s why I can lead `some what` good life now.

    I think, parents and teachers should have some authority to deciplined children and students, without thinking they will have to go to jail for it.

    Education scholars doing some reasearch suggest to do `this and that` but they themselves never stick to their advice, because most of them (not all) knew their findings were not based on true facts, they twisted their data to come to a conclusion (to disprove or prove their hypothesis) but general public reading their research findings rush into change their lives according to those reaseach findings, and polcy makers bring policies according to those findings.

    After certain years (the damage has done by that time) a new reasearchers suggest to go back to conventional practice and the public (by that time another group of people) believe that is a new finding and rush again to change their life.

    This is what is happening in nowadays. If you can twisted the system you can ger funds to do a reasearch on `how Polkole (coconut leavs) affect your thinkng pattern` or `how banna peeal affect your blood presssure` or you name it I twist it for a good reasearch topic that you can get funds to the research.

    So we have to use our brains, if we don`t have brains, we have to develop our wisdom (there are methods for it) and live our life and help our children to live their life.

  • 20 Sep 2005 01:53:08 GMT

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    We cannot understand the Sri Lankan Societal Dynamics using the Western Human Rights Model any longer. Students in Western Countries think very differently to those in Sri Lanka. Western Students think and appreciate individuality whereas Sri Lankans students think collectively.

    Therefore, to handle situations like this, we should devise our own models and techniques. I believe teachers have a right to punish their students and there should be some authority up in the hierarchy to look into those punishment to avoid repeating incidents of this nature. And that authority should never mean for the students to go and lodge complains.