DS Vice Principal, two teachers jailed for beating student

  • 14 Sep 2005 21:03:27 GMT

    I fully agree.

    I just don`t see the need to beat up children. I live in a country where smacking is banned at home and at schools. And I dint see no violence or any other crimes in this country as much as we hear or see in SL. My opinion is by beating up children in school, we give ideas for them to get up there and take it up to some one else. Most people do get in the cycle and take it to the universities and start ragging their peers.

    I can remember when I was in school about ten years ago getting beaten by the Buddhist teacher for returning a cane borrowed by another teacher in a rude manner. So basically I got beaten up by this teacher in front of 40 students and most of them enjoyed it. Then I also remember getting beaten up by the monk who also taught us Buddhism. We call our country he greatest Buddhist nation, but dint lead by example.

    I remember the best teachers were the ones who disciplined us by using their verbal tactics and we always looked forward to seeing them in our classes. Yes We should ban Smacking as a whole at home and at school. no need for that.

  • 14 Sep 2005 21:15:47 GMT

    I am happy that Sri Lanka has this kind of laws. (Although the punishment is too harsh)

  • 14 Sep 2005 23:40:00 GMT


    True. but in countries you are staying the teachers are under the childrens authority. Children have no respect to teachers. They are not studying well in schools. It has to be done by the parents. Children like to go to school in those countries because they are going to school mostly to play. The children who are successful in the school are the children whose parents are very strict.(using some punishment not actualy hitting the head like above stories) They use reasonable punishments. Children of other countries(other than SL) know that the law is on their side. So they do what ever they like.(Wandurata dali pihiya dunna wage). Most of the unnecessary killings are done by teens in these countries for their mere satisfaction. Most of the emigrant Sri Lankan has a mind such that they like keeping their children in high level. They don`t like someone advising their children. These parents respect their children not their mothers and fathers.

  • 15 Sep 2005 04:44:59 GMT

    I went to one of the prominent Buddhist Schools in the country and never had any problems in studies but still can not fathom out why in grade three the class teacher after asking if had any difficulties in home work and I answered I did not have any difficulties caned me. I have seen how kids who could not read the text books got beaten up by the teachers ,those kids could have been dyslexic.

    We had a master who came to teach us Singhalese language, he never taught us any Singhalese grammar , he ridiculed us for our poor knowledge in English and even kicked some students , we called him `Jadaya`. But we all loved ?Nada? the only Tamil teacher in the school who taught English though he was little off in his head .This is how we were taught in a Singhalese Buddhist School in 70s . And I do not think it was a proper method .

  • 15 Sep 2005 06:21:52 GMT

    I am surprised to read that some of you are supportting this type of punishement (thuggery).

    Just now I was talking to a teacher of this school who was an eye witness to this incident.

    According to this teacher this student has not commited any offence against the school regulations, on this day he was absent in tutorial classes but attended swimming classes only, so wearing white uniform is not necessary. These 3 teachers have been jealous of this boy because of his outstanding performance in studies and extra-curricular activities and also because the boy comes from an affluent family - and these teachers have been waiting to beat this type of students.

    In any case 3 teachers get together and brutally beating up an innocent boy cannot be a punishment with good intentions.

    In my opinion the 3 thugs (teachers) should have been sentenced to more than 7 years RI.

  • 15 Sep 2005 12:17:41 GMT

    I myself studied in one of the prominent Buddhist schools in the country.But i never experienced so called brutal and so called `Buddhist` way of punishing students.After leaving school I worked as a teacher in a school situated in a very rural area in Sri Lanka. Neither there Didn`t see that kind of punishing.Even today I am grateful for the strict teachers who really wanted us to come up in the society as decent human-beings.

    I like to mention that i am totally against beating up students. But with regards to this particular incident Ivan only say- 1. This particular student is coming from a very influential back- ground

    2. The punishment for the teachers are too much.

    3. It can create both positive and negative effect in the class rooms of Sri Lanka.

  • 15 Sep 2005 21:42:21 GMT


    I think u`ve been studying and teaching in a girls school or something or else you should have been regurlarly absent. These kinds of beating happening in sri lanka no matter what area the school is. In rural areas these things don`t come out as the parents are poor and they don`t have the ability to take legal actions. In colombo the situtaion is bit different.I went to a major buddhist school in panadura, and there i`ve witnessed teachers, prinicipals,even prefects beating students like they r playing with a football. Sometimes this even happen infront of the weekly school assembly(which means everyone can c this enetertaning show.) No wonder students await until teachers comeout of the school and hit them back with eggs and stuff. This has to be stopped.

    Now , like most people here im also living in a country teachers and students are considered inthe same level.I don`t think it`s that bad.But you should respect the teacher. The schools good for the students who can study , but for those who can`t study that much but have practical knowledge and stuff there are apprentice courses,and the government funding them. Sometimes a Motor mechanic can earn more money than a doctor. My point is thats how these countrys have been developped. If you r good at one thing(no matter what) you can earn lots of money in a country like this. I saw the A/L results recently, around 200000 at for the exam, and more than 100000 were able to goto uni`s, but all the uni in sri lanka got only 16000 places. what a pity? I feel so sorry for those hard working students there,after doing that what they gonna get ? Nothing, may b free membership to JVP.

  • 17 Sep 2005 03:15:37 GMT

    I am sure most of you would know that mothers have to wear Saris to school meetings at popular schools such as Royal, DSS among and at many others. Wearing a frock or a trousers attract criticisms from the so called teachers for the family being upper class. Ha ha, what a stupid conclusion. This shows how much the knowledge and the wisdom of the teachers has deteriorated over the years. We are a direct product of our teachers and that good old days and the good names of the teachers should not be tarnished by this backwards attitudes. Most of our Colombo schools are infested with the teachers who are in anger with the outside world and the societies they live in. It the responsibility of the society to protect the future of the country and I do not think our governments are capable of this, let alone govern day to day businesses of the government.