Policemen will not be freed - LTTE

  • 13 Sep 2005 20:07:32 GMT

    Kakuluwa natanne wathura unuwekamlu!

  • 13 Sep 2005 20:07:48 GMT

    Kakuluwa natanne wathura unuwenakamlu!

  • 13 Sep 2005 20:13:33 GMT

    I do not why GOSL is sleeping.

    For the Soldiers of Armed forces in SriLanka.



  • 13 Sep 2005 20:21:53 GMT

    Hi AnuD: Yesterday it was, the LTTE should look after the privileged who were involved in the tax fiddle.

    Today the GOSL should

    1. Send in it`s Army to kill the LTTE.


    2. Plead from the LTTE to eradicate the armed forces from the very face of this earth.

    In my humble opinion, the second option is the most suitable.

    By the way which way are you swinging now Ac or Dc.

  • 13 Sep 2005 20:24:24 GMT

    How long is the GOSL going to tolerate this kind of thuggery, killings, abductions, extortions etc. etc., at the hands of the wanni butchers.

    These Policemen were doing their service to the Nation under difficult conditions & they were abducted by the ruthless eelam dreamers of the self proclaimed sun dog.

    The GOSL must wake up & take necessary actions to prevent any future abductions or terrorist attacks by the wanni tigers. The CFA has been violated once more!!!!

    The GOSL must not mix up PE and the security of the country.

    If the tigers do not understand words, the GOSL must take up other means to let them `understand` what peace means. The GOSL must now decide to eradicate the rotten tiger plague.

    The entire peace loving Nation is behind the Armed Forces & the GOSL.


  • 13 Sep 2005 21:10:00 GMT

    Nandalal: How do you know that these policeman, were doing their duties in difficult circumstances. Were you the fourth, the one who chose to dessert / run away ?.

    As per the CFA, they should have informed the ceasefire monitors, who in turn would have communicated with the Vanni butchers & then these policemen in the company of the ceasefire monitors could have gone into the areas under the control of these butchers & consumed the best Palmyra toddy to their hearts content.

    This is how the system works, instead of sitting on your tiny little head, ask yourself, why did these policeman go without following the negotiated guidelines.

    So instead of jumping off the roof top, stop think & then voice your two cents worth of crappy comments.

  • 13 Sep 2005 21:57:49 GMT

    Now enters into the ring the one & only War una or Waula, as usual, I am confused.

    If there is a god around, please, please get the mighty Sinhalese to become a bit more intelligent, instead of allowing them to bear their stupidity to the whole world.

  • 13 Sep 2005 22:04:44 GMT

    MALSHIP you have made a very interesting statement.

    Foreget all the LTTE spies and others in GOSL areas. All LTTE political offices are in GOSL areas. GOSL should provide VIP treatment to their leaders.

    But, when GOSL police officers need to go their, they need to go through SLMM.


    The next thing; If they have any thing legal what would happen. Would we able to go there at all?

  • 13 Sep 2005 22:36:54 GMT

    AnuD Dear, better the soldiers be asleep than awake. You know what happened to them when they were awake in Kilinochi, Elephantpass and other vanni areas?. So let those poor guys sleep so that their families will not miss them permanently.These few police guys, oh don`t worry about them. They are better off with Thamby than in the station. Good mutton curry, murunga dry curry tempered in ghee, fried banana, vambattu kiri curry...oh..you are telling boy. You may join them if you know the details. So please let them sleep and you all concentrate in the election. Be awake in the south to prevent total destruction by the father, mother,son and the others

  • 13 Sep 2005 22:42:52 GMT

    Waruna, you are too right. You know who killed those 700 surrendered police men? He is your hero, your patriot, many sinhalese may even say that if not for their families they will even get a bullet on behalf of this guy. He is the most precious little human in your possession and you all are depending on him for the future generation. Even Thamby Prabha was annoyed with him for killing the Policemen against his orders. But certainly these 7 men will not join them because Karuna is your property.