Mahinda counters his critics

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  • 11 Sep 2005 21:16:39 GMT

    Only Mahindas BOOTLICKING slaves would believe this. Anyone can say they are going to talk to praba - even i can say that.. but on what BASIS are you going to talk to him??? There has to be some sort of Adgenda. There has to be some sort of starting point.

    `I won`t dance to anyone`s tune ` - Go and tell that to Konde Badapu Chines people. U are dacing to the tune of the JVP!!! U have done a 180 degree change in your position and that of your party.

    Many people keep asking what Mahinda has done during his past 30 years in politics. I have been looking for something POSITIVE very very hard and yesterday i found it on the Sunday leader (of all the papers).

    Probably the ONLY positive thing Mahinda has done at a National level was - when he was labour minister he approved EPF/ETF funds to be invested in Private companies. Today the funds that Mahinda approved to be invested have given good retunrs. However, all these funds were invested in the Privatized Plantation companies, which the JVP opposed tooth and nail.

    However, today he has signed an agreement with the JVP promising to stop all privatizations. What hypocracy.. the only Positive thing he has to show for in 30 years is an investment in Privatized companies but he goes and promises to put an end to all that...

    This shows this man has NO CLUE what he is saying or doing.

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    DEar Kaduvan,


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    Kaduvan wrote: `We believe that the military solution is the only solution for this war between Tamil eelam and Sri Lanka.`

    Then this is your good time. Let`s fight!!

    What a stupid idea?

  • 11 Sep 2005 21:45:51 GMT

    This is what DM Jayarathne had to say about Mahinda, Tsunami Victims and the 83.5 million... `NO COMMENT` was his answere about the 83.5 million that Mahinda tried to plunder...

    Q:It is alleged that the Government has not done anything very positive as far as the tsunami victims go. What is happening to the 2 million plus voters who are rendered homeless and also their votes at the Presidential polls?

    A:We have done lots of work as far as tsunami housing goes. The names of all these voters are available in the electoral registers and they could even go and vote without their Identity Cards so long as their names are in the electoral registers.

    Q: So, do you see a free and fair Presidential polls ?

    A:Yes. We are talking to the major parties in relation to this and that is what we are striving to achieve. We might even campaign together.

    Q:What about the Rs. 82 million tsunami scam in which Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse has been implicated? Does he have a moral right to aspire to be the Head of State with such an allegedly dubious track record and also with news reports saying that he has spent Rs. 5 million for entertainment for the first seven months of this year ?

    A:There was a Helping Hambantota Fund which was created for the development of the District and those funds were placed there.

    Q:Yes. That is exactly what I am also talking about. Why was this Fund in the personal name of the Prime Minister?s nominees and surreptitiously placed at the Standard Chartered Bank when clear directions were issued that tsunami funds had to be in either the Central Bank or the President?s Fund or the Prime Minister?s Fund? These funds were returned only after the media raked it up?

    A:No comment. What is the next question ?

  • 11 Sep 2005 22:04:03 GMT

    1. Mahinda` claims to be a father can be put to test by DNA tests.

    Even if the DNA confirms, his fatherhood, then the next hurdle to cross will be, with him having gone up the social ladder, how will he bear to relate with the disgusting nauseating pathetic kids of Sri Lank. Yakky.

    2. He will only dance to the Bhikkurina, the latest toe tapping hit single in his amide free, scanty saffron robe, the JVP will provide the sound & CBK, poor thing, she can only look on & on. Her hands hang loose.

    3. As to having a pow wow with Prabha, has anyone asked Prabha the low caste Tamil coolie, whether he will consider taking his coconut shell, to a 5 star location.

    4..UNP will have a role, true with the sweet Ra nil around, who wouldn`t, after all it is a modern world, bi-intimacyuality, is the way to go. AC - DC, the motto.

    5..Chami`s idea of dumping the worthless Tamils, into the oil tanks & then setting fire to them.

    A brilliant way of protecting the minorities - there will not be a minority to protect. The scum all gone, Hitler re-born DNA a waste of time.

    6..The Sinhalese community, will be brought together, with Mobile monthly Gay & lesbian Mardi-gras, so mobile, that even CBK will be tempted to become a lesbian.

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    DEar Malship/P.../M....

    I call it `creativity`.

  • 11 Sep 2005 22:19:38 GMT

    This guy Mahinda is literate!

    or else he has got the same speech writers as G. Bush!

    Welcome to the world of Spin Doctors!

  • 11 Sep 2005 22:30:27 GMT

    Ksama: Thanks for the compliment, any chance of my creeping into the hallowed halls or bowels of Monash to cleanse my chauvinistic, vulgarity & perversity..

  • 11 Sep 2005 23:08:58 GMT

    GYAN: deviant - how dare you.

    By calling Mahinda, ILLITERATE, are you also having doubts on his paternity.

    The poor guy, is he also a ` when the cat is away, the mice are at play ` creation,

    In my little `pea brain`, I always thought that Mahinda must be a Tamil.