Mahinda delays his response to CBK

  • 10 Sep 2005 21:21:38 GMT

    Anyone knows the situ with his hands.

    Is it still dumb & numb.

    Izay Athey, where are you man, where are you.

  • 10 Sep 2005 21:24:23 GMT

    Some of us always knew that the old girl CBK had an ace or two up her sleeve!.....

    Fun times coming up in the old Peoples`s Republic!

  • 10 Sep 2005 22:35:46 GMT

    Well JVP`s candidate is Mahinda,

    SLFP`s Candidate is .....Anura???

  • 10 Sep 2005 23:54:28 GMT

    Dear all,

    This situation is not a surprise to the people who understand the politics in Sri Lanka. The JVP had clearly explained this situation quite a while ago.

    Whether we like it or not, Today undoubtedly the most trusted political party in Sri Lanka is the JVP. (Even Thondaman recently said he would support Mahinda, if the JVP supports Mahinda, otherwise he would support Ranil, as he wants to be in the winning coalition.) CBK has no majority backing in the SLFP either.

    If Mahinda can stay firm without bending to retarding CBK, he can overcome all obstacles against his victory.

  • 11 Sep 2005 03:13:46 GMT

    I am sure Mahinda will give in to CBK`s demands (which are reasonable) that he drop the unitary state concept and go with the federal solution to the ethnic issue. If he doesn`t, he will only be strengthning the LTTE.

  • 11 Sep 2005 03:17:55 GMT

    Did CBK asked anyone before she signed the PTOMS. After all, PTOMS is just some peace of accord what she has done to build houses for Tsunami victims?. if Mahinda can get the support from two different parties like JVP and JHU with his common man approach, that will be the best thing he can offered to the country. I`m sure Muslims and Tamils too will rally around him, as he is a man who could understand the people. CBK dictates his party and so does the Ranil. We should end up this arrogant nature cinnamon garden politics.

  • 11 Sep 2005 03:19:08 GMT


    So says LTTE...


  • 11 Sep 2005 04:26:13 GMT


    SLFP and UNP do have same economic policies and they both believe that devolution of power through federalism is the only solution to the ethnic problem.

    JVP has become the third major political party which has a support base of at lease 30% of the voters.

    Chandrika and Ranil knows that in future elections they dont have any chance to form a government on their own.

    Mahinda Rajapakse`s action clearly demonstrated that the SLFP is going to be a captive of JVP in future.

    CBK is well aware of this situation.

    Please wait and see Chandrika will sideline Mahinda and dissolve the parliament to bail out the SLFP before she retires from presidency.

    May be she is now contemplating to form a national government with like minded party (both SLFP and UNP adopt same policy and only the color is different)

    So, what will Mahinda Rajapaksa do now?

  • 11 Sep 2005 04:33:19 GMT


    Yes You Won..Royal lost. So will Ranil.



  • 11 Sep 2005 05:00:57 GMT


    For what Mahinda should agree? it is Mahinda who fought against state terrorism and CBK only grabbed the opportunity and came to power. Now she thinks as if she has nutured Mahinda.