Thugs attack Ruhunu U`grads, 31 warded

  • 27 Aug 2005 02:59:44 GMT

    Well done boys, and it is very very clear who are behind these activities. We are slowly moving towards the horrible dark days of late eightees. Things don`t seem well for mother Lanka. Another option can`t they go to Vanni and fight there? Then at least the south will be left in peace

  • 27 Aug 2005 04:29:21 GMT

    This is again not appreciating the value of free higher education. How long are we going to continue this?

  • 27 Aug 2005 19:25:02 GMT

    That is true.Our innocent authorities cannot do anything at this stage.If somebody come forward with information can only the necessary steps can be taken.Again how can they be certain that the information is reliable.Better thing to do is forget and forgive.

  • 27 Aug 2005 23:06:11 GMT

    Enjoy the fruits of free education, what are they going to do with the degree they get? Shame on everybody... better give everybody a gun when they graduate to go out and find their future, sure they will do better than with their degree, because they will be trained only for that!

  • 31 Aug 2005 19:15:28 GMT

    I strongly believe `students` who don`t want to study should be expelled so that real students can have the education they deserve peacefully in our universities.

    And, if a student is found guilty for violence, his/her financial aids must be stopped.

    This is ridiculous! Most of these students got free education from grade 1 to 12, then enter the university without paying a cent, and destroy the opportunity of others who really want to graduate.