Nothing less than US $ 250 per month for maids

  • 23 Aug 2005 01:45:16 GMT

    Indrarajah, you are disgusting. No street jokes please.

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  • 23 Aug 2005 04:53:40 GMT

    If our poor maids are well exploited in many arabs countries it is regrettable too but whose fault?

    It`s the fault of the successive governments to force them to flee away towards these rich countries due to the civil war in sri Lanka.

    The life is very very expensive compare to the rest of the countries in south East Asia. Under the previous government there was a peace but now the war clouds are gathering every where in sri lanka and even a well educated people are forced to go to Middle-east for any job for any wages.

    Instead of begging arabs countries to give better salaries to our poor maids it would be advisable for all the sinhalese governments and Tamils to find a way to stop this F..... war to save oue our poor maids.

    Even when they come backs after their contracts, they are being robbed by the Sri Lankan customs at the Airport.

    under various fals checking and these customers baggars well paid but still they want to rob from these poor maids on their return.

    This is sri Lanka.

    so stop this war and find a solution to save these poor maids.

  • 23 Aug 2005 05:37:17 GMT

    Exploitation of maids occur due to those respective governments in those countries turn a blind eye.

    The citizens of those countries do not abide by the rules & regulations that are in place & those employers connieve

    with the job agents.

    Also, take to task the local employment agents who charge a fee to secure employment.

    There is also a responsibility for our missions in such countries to assist. Make that compulsory.

    A maids contarct should indicate a salary, statutory holidays, medical & a return tickets. These are the basic ingredients.

    it is the responsibility of our govt to act with those labour ministries in such countries & that they monitor that basic provisions are provided & adhered to as in the contract.

    To you INDRARAJAH ; These maids are somebody`s spouses, mothers, daughters that are common to you as well whether good looking or not. Take a peep into your family.

    It is better, if you could tender an apology in general & that you did not mean to insult anyone.

    If & when you come across a goog looking one remember to treat her too with respect. Apart from her her services, she deserves.

    Without a woman, you are non existent.....

    These Maids who are bread winners must be treated with respect.

  • 23 Aug 2005 05:50:45 GMT

    We should appreciate this move by the govt...

    and some are telling that the `charity begins at home`

    pls understand the concept of per capita income...and then decide what to not demonstrate your lower brain capacity in this forum...if you do not know something the best is to learn it...rather than jump in to conclusions...


  • 23 Aug 2005 06:46:21 GMT

    Muniraj 16, you must be able to understand the under privilaged as well. all can`t be as brainy as you are. Fools are there to learn from you. Incidentally is your wife in the ME?

  • 23 Aug 2005 07:29:39 GMT

    Indraraja - Please give thought that it was a woman who gave birth to you. Disgusting the way you take them up!

    For the Authorities/Agencies:

    a) Do not select mothers with young kids;

    b) Do not select recently married;

    c) Do not select the sole breadwinner;

    d) Do not send sick/disabled - Medical done is a joke!

    d) Provide proper training - 12 days training has proved not sufficient;

    e) Training to use Electric items only would not suffice; Prospective HMM should be told life is hard - very very hard. The Sponsors do not keep to Sri Lankan traditional way of eating and doing things and sleeping. You are expected to work from morning till midnight. Meal times vary. Can you lift a 10 x 15 carpet? Please do not come if you cannot. Can you withstand hunger? Insults? Assault? Servicing 3 apartment house day and day out? No holidays even for X mas or Sinhala New Year.

    e) Basic language training is essential.

    f) Have to be pleasent and neat.

    If you send the above material I will get you $ 150/-. But sorry Sir, US $ 250/- is out.

    Man Who Knows

    From Gulf.

  • 23 Aug 2005 07:30:36 GMT

    Do not send any maids to the middle east.the muslims degrade those womens there that badly.

    create jobs in sri lanka,there is nothing in the world that you cannot archive,as a government you can even archive it quicker.

  • 23 Aug 2005 07:36:38 GMT


    I agree with you.

    At last you came out with a sensible comment.


    I think now a servent girl is getting around Rs.5000 in Sri Lanka with all other benifits.

  • 23 Aug 2005 08:03:31 GMT

    Tigeress19, how do the hindus treat their own women back in India. How many of them committ suicide becuase of the abuses by their own family. I am sure you know what happens to hindu womenn because of the dowry issue and these crimes are committed by their own people. I am not trying to defend the Arabs who ill-treat these helpless maids but you can`t generalise.