Husband buried wife`s body in dining room

  • 11 Aug 2005 06:21:03 GMT

    He must have come from King Kasyapa`s lineage, similar to mervin silva who claimed that he came from king dutugemeu`s ancestry.

  • 11 Aug 2005 09:10:10 GMT

    Dear Kadiya,

    Kindly keep your religious bigotry to yourself. This is not a case of `Adultery` or not. This is a case of murder and that is not justified under any circumstances. Please refrain from preaching your Biblical morals to people. I think alot of people in this forum undersdtand that cheating on one`s partner is wrong, but it certainly doesn`t become a crime and in no manner must we condone such gross punishment by anyone for such a thing. Stop blaming the victim.

  • 11 Aug 2005 09:51:36 GMT

    This is a normal incident in the country and we have to deal with normal rule of law. murder should be punished.

  • 11 Aug 2005 09:58:41 GMT

    Dear all

    im sure most of the tamil sinhala people in this forum are well aware of kadiya`s post and he shows clearly that he is from some where in the middle east and fed up with the treatment he receive from the majority muslims,(he cleans toilet and a servant in the muslim house hold)most probably the middle east suites him better as he has come from the im not surprised that he wants to get his anger out of the tamil people as they are an easy target(uphill tamils are even easy)

    the point im making is where in the world there is a punishment for adultery?(except in muslim world)im not talking about rape and that is different from adultery.

    then again im not saying adultery is acceptable,we tamils and sinhalees know that is wrong.cheating on partners is betrayal of the other.walking out is the best way.but i do not know what the answer if there is any children in that family.

    for the sake of the children`s well being the parents ...........................................!

    in this topic the woman called nilanthi seems a beatiful woman and the villagers have an eye on her,but it does not mean she commited adultery,if she commited adultery and got caught by her husband, that is a diiferent story and she robbed her husband`s dignity.

    the best thing he could do is that go to court and get divorce and have the children in his custody as nilanthi is not capable of bringing those children as she will be influencing this naive children. (that would have killed her slowly any way)

    this drunghard now not only lost his wife but also the children for nothing.

    will these men learn a lession from this?

  • 11 Aug 2005 09:58:56 GMT

    Even a married man or woman has the right to go to a another woman or man. The only punishmene he/she deserves is the divorce. No more. no body can serve physical punishment like beating or death.

    Even if you are married that does nt mean your spouse life belong to you.

  • 11 Aug 2005 10:50:07 GMT

    To kadiya

    only conclusion i can come up with is that you were born as a half cast and your skin is slightlly lighter than the ordinary lankans(im not saying your farther was white!!!) and you did have a problem mixing with the ordinary you were pushed to join the pikku cult as a young boy and you had some connections to the extreme jvp monks and became a jvp monk as you got older.

    after some years passed you were pushed to join the srilanka army and you did some service there and you cant handle thinks and did a runner and became a army desreter.

    deserting army is a crime and the lanka police were after you and you escaped to middle east with available little money.(hope you did not robe the innocents when you were about to leave lanka)

    now you are in the internet cafe blasting about the tamils in this forum to get the anger out of you.

    to sort your problem out it will take a bit of time.first you have to deside whether you want to go back to the army or bikku hood or jvp or even to your birth place the cant be all over the places and if you do you the symptoms of that kind.

    so stop pointing your finger at some one else and tell them where to go whether it is tamilnadu or eelam.


    you take care of your self and learn to live with bhuddas teachings.

  • 11 Aug 2005 12:44:20 GMT

    I`m quite new to this forum,but ihave been studying this forum for some days, and i gotta tell ya some of ya guys still living in 5th century.This is nothing to do with the religion,if that woman loved other men and went after them ,only thing the husband of this woman should have done is to file a divorce case. By doing this stupid,shameless thing he`s lost his kids, wife and himself, and anyone shouldn`t encourage anyone to do something like this.

    Kadiya ! you have no life man , i`ve read some ofyourpostings,they are meaningless,unrealistic,selfish, and racial. Please think carefully before you write something, and openyoureyes and see the real world with both of eyes.

  • 11 Aug 2005 13:43:12 GMT

    Husband addicted to alcohol.

    He killed his wife.

    Violance at home against women in SL is unacceptably high. SL has record breaking number of people addicted to liquor.

    Kadiya, you should learn to respect women.

    Killing for these reasons even tigeress disagrees!

    We are heading for what????????

    SL need to address long term solutions to overcome addiction to alcohol, violance at home and to overcome poverty. Irrespective of religion, all respect freedom to live, live in harmony and peace!

  • 11 Aug 2005 14:04:26 GMT

    There are three sides of this story `her side, his side and the truth`. So nobody can take victims side or the killers side. This is just another typical result of a extreme family situation.

  • 11 Aug 2005 16:08:48 GMT


    I liked your biography of Kadiya. Now I know why Kadiya has so much anger and hate within him. Poor sod.

    Alcoholic and abusive husband kills wife because other men fancied her. What an excuse to kill your wife? There are millions of alcoholic and abusive husbands in the world. Spousal abuse is condoned in Sri Lanka and other asian countries. Poor woman should have walked out on him the first time he hit her. She had a more justifiable reason to kill him than he had. Even if she had committed adultery, it is not a crime, except in some barbaric Islamic countries.

    The poor children have lost their mother. Hope this man rots in jail.