Tigers still preying on children

  • 3 Aug 2005 05:14:42 GMT

    `Drug Smugglling Tunnel found between Canada and US` One of the suspects a Sri Lankan living in Canada, Raj (30). Looks like refugees are using their skills in Canada to make a living.

  • 3 Aug 2005 06:15:22 GMT

    Ho Ho.. a handful of kids no need to discuss???? Hand fuls at a time make a ton at the end of the year. Children know nothing. Easily brain washed and can put forward to protect `big bellies` of LTTE. Adults are fed up of LTTE. People are frustrated. To feed LTTE, innocent people pay enormous amount of tax. Price of essential items ( eg:a loaf of bread, kerosine etc) in NE area is unbearably high. Why??? it is LTTE taxing to feed their bellies. People in NE want to live in harmony they need better future rather than working under the fear of death threat by LTTE. During past, how many occasions parents and children protested against LTTE? Now they openly show their disgusting, condemning feelings towards LTTEs behaviour. How many cadres are running away from LTTE???

    No more adult people are willing to obey LTTE. So they have to abduct children!

    Drug smuggling is a good respectable business eh!!

  • 3 Aug 2005 12:21:09 GMT

    Its government idia to kidnap few kids and put the blame on LTTE , it was organised by srilankan government using few of their handymans like EPDP.

    and collect money from general public.

    this government will do anything to make bad image to LTTE. disgrace!

    i do admit there are some kids join in LTTE for personal resons and they are sucidels that is why LTTE keep them for their safe.

    LTTE have returned over 1500 kids totheir parents.

  • 3 Aug 2005 13:12:47 GMT

    Dear all

    i agree with ajans post,it is nothing more than a bluff of gosl and epdp or eprlf.

    ltte have formed a wing to have scouds in every districts.

    those underage children who want to join scouds are welcome and they will get trained to perform simple task like team work,communication,cooperation,coordinatin and a bit of physical training.

    the unicef is well aware of this formation recently took place and are happy to encourage these activities.

    for example if a under age child want to join the ltte,the ltte will have to send them to scouds training and keep the child with his/her parents.

    so it is time the gosl pack this lies and invent some thing new.

    thank you

  • 3 Aug 2005 19:05:00 GMT

    LTTE is a very respectable Terrorist group that follows norms and ethics to the very letter of such agreements.These are all GOSL propaganda?

    LTTE sympathisers, you all must writr like above always and at all times some thing comes against LTTE to satisfy the avathar.Otherwise your lives are in danger?

    Now the Tamil parents are protesting OPENLY.Have these parents been protesting under the influence of GOSL?

    Pl write some thing sensible that any one can accept.Always denying and blaming the GOSL will jeorpodize the credibility of lTTE and its followers very badly.

    Man, accept the atrocities of LTTE even for the Tamils in N & E like gentlemen, if you all are!

  • 3 Aug 2005 19:47:15 GMT

    Jay-r, you are 100% correct!

    LTTLE is the most humble, legal terrorist oragnization of gentle men and women who abide by and work according to UN, Human rights and everything in the world. GOSL is the one making NE a hell then???????

    Let them write these jokes. They have never being to NE. They have to vomit LTTE if they swallow LTTE money!

    They should sing LTTE if they are fed on LTTE!

    They have to do this because LTTE bullet is behind them!

    What they are doing is for their living we should sympathize them.

  • 3 Aug 2005 22:47:38 GMT


    With respect my friend, you are getting this all wrong. In the process you are causing much damage to many of your arguements which I quite admire and enjoy reading. You know as much as I do, the LTTE actually recruits child soldiers. Government does not have to fabricate that story.

    Apart from its comic nature, this arguement of yours is in all likelyhood a figment of your imagination. Even if we are to go by your second paragraph in which you claim that kids voluntarily join the LTTE, as responsible adults shouldnt they discourage them joining a movement which uses live amunition? Shouldnt they tell them to go and play with other children like kids normally do? Shouldnt they give them toys instead of guns? Even if they are `voluntary soldiers` isnt that robbing their childhood. Do you honestly believe LTTE is recruiting them so that kids will not commit suicide?

    Ajan, your arguements usually have some point. And as always I admire your sense of loyalty to your community. But this time (quite unusually) you are being desperate and making a feeble excuse.

    Take it easy my friend.

  • 4 Aug 2005 16:58:37 GMT

    Itis very sad that at the expense of the innocent Tamil children,the LTTE higher ups are trying to reach at their goal of EALAM which will be a HELL for all independently thinking Tamils.Since 1983, how many Tamil leaders oposing LTTE were gunned down by the LTTE? In a battle SLA may have killed a large number of LTTE soldiers,but 1 Tamil killed by the LTTE is equivalent to 1000 deaths in the warfront, because LTTE have been killing their own Tamils.

    Can such a movement achieve their goals? Those living in foreign countries having their children education in those countries donate money to LTTE to recruit innocent Tamil children by force for the LTTE army for their existance.THIS IS A BIGGEST CRIME ANY NATIONAL CAN DO THEM.

    Shameless people.

  • 4 Aug 2005 19:39:55 GMT

    Dear Uncles,

    Singhala Crockodile tears about abduction of Tamil babies will not deter LTTE from giving refuge to volunteering orphans whose parents have been massacred by the singhala army of occupation and the Tsunami Donations have been swindeled systametically by Sri Lankan government even after seven months.

    Boru maha wamsa about abduction of Tamil orphans and exagerating the tsunami deaths to swindle more donations for

    Sri Lankan army. Army deserters make more money for paid thuggery and murder for Singhala politicians of Sri Lankan DEMOCRAZY. Most of the army deserters have become buddhist monks to avoid being arrested for desertion and leading comfortable lives by joining JVP and JHU.

    Singhalese are more scared and jealous that LTTE is training and educating the Tamil orphans in computer and in self defence while singhala beach boys and girls are earning good foreign income.

    Sorry Uncles you all are barking up the wrong tree. LTTE is only bothered about saving the Tamils and not scavenging like Sri Lanka for Charity as all the Tamils donate, volunteer and support our boys and girls.

    Kathirkamar lectured that UN and UNICEF are only good for sanitary inspection and are interfering in internal affairs if they talk about killing the Tamil orphans.


    SON of EELAM