Tigers up the gum tree

  • 12 May 2005 07:37:58 GMT

    As I said before checkpoints are to protect Vanni LTTE from feared Karuna fraction. Vanni LTTE should not instigate violence against security forces who are protecting them for the time being.

    See no check points no protection.

    In a short time LTTE may need security forces protection to travel in Jaffna.

    `Those who live by the sward shall die by the sward?`


  • 12 May 2005 08:30:29 GMT

    Dear friends,

    You are missing the point here.. LTTE need the army protection because they cannot move with arms in the army controlled area...And we all know that Karuna faction = few Karuna supporters +Many many Army intelligence officers from Sri Lanka and India and so on.,

    Army intelligence is working on the name of Karuna faction.

    LTTE has proved this many times By killing 8 Karuna supporters in the capital..welikantha and in many places...

    If you think you can solve the ethnic problem by war then you are wrong....

    Tamil people are always behind LTTE, I can see that there are some people like Ananthasangari, Douglas who are Indian spys working against Tamils but you can see those kind of people in Sinhalese community as well...

    Example :JVP says UNP as Green Tiger...

    One more important thing...

    This is a demonstration by students against security forces...Nothing to do with LTTE... Do you all think that north and east people want the security forces to be stayed in North and east ?

    You must be joking...

  • 12 May 2005 09:00:27 GMT

    Anyone against LTTE is an Indian spy eh John (Do you guys really believe that).......Including Yogi and mahaththaya.

    If not for the feared Karuna why would they carry arms in an army controlled area?

  • 12 May 2005 12:31:37 GMT

    Hi Mate,

    Yes I remember Yogi and mahaththaya..Both of them was Raw agents...All Tamil community knew about it...

    I think you are completely unaware the ground situation...

    In army controlled area LTTE cannot carry arms...All the LTTe political activists doing their job with out arms... So called Karuna faction (Army intelegence ) kill these unarmed LTTE members...Most of the LTTE members killed were unarmed..

    eg: Kousalyan.

  • 12 May 2005 12:33:33 GMT

    One more thing.. Yogi still alive and he accepted that he was working for RAW---

  • 12 May 2005 13:58:19 GMT

    Hai Jone

    You think all people who oppose LTTE are RAW agents All Srilankan who were killed by the Tigers including innocent women and children are all Raw agents Muslims who were chased out Jaffna are all RAW agents What about Rev Rayappu Joseph is a LTTE agent or RAW agent Please try to think rationally, If LTTE Org anise a demonstration It is People demonstration if it is others Gonads ,If LTTE killed a Tamil He is thuroki(Traitor)if others kill tiger he is maveeraar WHO EVER WHO KILLS PEOPLE THEY ARE MURDERS ,At least people who had the opportunity to come abroad try to understand and respect other people view ,Don`t try to build Palmyra fence where ever you go

  • 12 May 2005 15:18:13 GMT

    Hi Farook,

    The demonstration held the other day was done by Tamil people...I am only defending that Karuna faction is army intelegence...do you have any doubts on it ?

    I am against to the innocent people`s death ....I do lost my young sister...in 1986..when she was 14...she was raped and killed by Sri Lankan Army...

    But if Tamils weren`t killed in 50s...60s..70s...80s..90s..Now there is no LTTE...

  • 12 May 2005 15:56:05 GMT

    Dear reader;

    i agree with john, all most all people are behind LTTE because tamils know that without LTTE they cann/t achive equal rights as singalists. without help of SL intelligence, karuna group or Douglas cann/t do anything. i wonder JVP,JHU and exremist group oppose the peace negotiation with Tamil do they have any soulution to the ethnic issues? or ever summit any proposal in the past?. do you think tamil want SL armies being in North EAST? NO!!!!!!!!!!!. you are simply occupying tamil land. past 25years we have seen Doulas, anndasangaree, karun and so on those who can help the Singlist media to propagate agaist tamils and LTTE. Until LTTE is strong they will lick feet of Singalist and indian .



  • 13 May 2005 05:07:43 GMT


    I know Yogi is still alive. But when did he admit that he was working for RAW? I dont recall him ever admitting that!

  • 13 May 2005 05:24:58 GMT

    The gum tree is getting gummier!!

    Check this out: India says no dictatorships allowed.

    End-game with viable options including military, in sight.