'VP Rally against the Mechanism next Tuesday - We will support the Joint Mechanism - UNP

  • 5 May 2005 19:19:22 GMT

    Hitler and the Nazis stood by their word of genocide of the Jews, I assume you respect them too? We shouldn`t be respecting people because they merely stand by their word. We should respect them on what that word is and then whether they actually keep to it!

  • 5 May 2005 20:09:10 GMT

    Different people support different fractions depending on their affiliation. Some want tsunami aids to be given to actual victims while others want aids to given to terrorists.

  • 5 May 2005 20:36:02 GMT

    For the moment my only hope is JVP.They are not racist.No matter who they are,They are only against the terrorism.That`s what we should understand.

  • 5 May 2005 21:01:44 GMT

    TSUNAMI Effected most of the coastal area not only th North and Est.Lots of people individually as well as organizing help them no one is asking a Mechanism or thinking those help is going to Tamil/Muslim or Sinhalese

    I, my self organized and collected about five hundred thousand rupees and giving to a Ministry those who are helping and building houses honestly also no joint mechanism

    So UNP,JVP,JHU as Political parties and also lots of individuals, Business organizations,Made houses for donation.

    But never heard LTTE (as they said they are the only group looking their nation)made any single house,even if they have millions of Ransom money,smuggled money and millions of Black money. instead of their `SANGILIAN` (May Be`SAKKILIYAN` )Group asked JVP to quiet from the eastern province, JVP those who were effectively helping Tsunami Effected (Eastern Province) area and become popular among the Tamils.LTTE does not tolerate that

    As well as Did the government build any houses ??????

    Now Both LTTE And Government asking JM for what.. If you need to work on honestly no need any thing Just go ahead

    JM for the first step.....CBK ,Ranil and NGO shouting for that not for TSUNAMI Victims.

    Then those who do not want to divided country you have to Deny the JM,You want to help poor Tamils you have to say `NO` to JM .Join with JVP at least only for this matter

  • 6 May 2005 05:29:25 GMT

    JVP is not opposing Tsunami aids be given to tamils, Muslims & Sinhalese either.

    What they oppose is this BS JM hook with LTTE TERRORISTS.

    Dont these ppl understand that these LTTE TERRORIRSTS now need soem sort of participation in the `common world` where as thet had been keeping themselves in jungles. Dont think if this tiger comes out from the bush he will become a deer, perhaps he could be a deer but with deer skin-coat.

    UNP is nothing. Rajitha is a full silliest. They need to be famous amoung any tom & Harry to get some votes in the next election. We still very well remember how Snr Thonda., made UNP danced as he wanted.

    JVP truely participated among many community in Tsunami relief work, JVP opposing only to this BS, JM for which LTTE TIGERS are greedily looking forward to grab some `free` money and get some military bases (Demolished by Tsunami) repaired and get some modern arms.

    Yes, as Elakiri-buwa (Hey mate, what is this user name????) said, no wonder if UNP joins with CBK at next election.

    UNP is the BIGGEST & BITTESTS curse in our country.

  • 6 May 2005 10:18:13 GMT

    aritha spice its great

  • 6 May 2005 11:07:15 GMT

    Going on from what Hettipola said, it is interesting to see Catholic priests side by side with the LTTE. They even attended and applauded the LTTE`s `hero`s day` where they celebrate the suicide bombers who killed so many innocent people, the `freedom birds` who massacred Sinhalese and Muslim villagers in cold blood and those who killed democratic Tamil politicians. These Catholic priests should be ashamed of their support for bloodthirsty violence and terrorism in Sri Lanka. They should be defrocked immediately instead of bringing shame to Catholicism.

  • 6 May 2005 13:57:24 GMT

    AJ take ur religious crap and stick it back up ur ass.. as for the JVP rallying against the JM.. let them.. I hope Chandrika goes through with the JM.. at least that way we`ll know what to do.. if she carries out the JM successfully and if it works out and gets the support of the majority.. that`s great, maybe there can be a peaceful solution.. if it doesn`t.. at least we`ll have the JVP take power next time and decide the fate of SL through war.

  • 6 May 2005 16:42:28 GMT

    As the president insist that this is one of the best opportunity to bring peace through joint mechanism with LTTE, it is the duty of all the political parties to give her full supports without having any backward thoughts or policy. Tamils and sinhalese should get together to seize this golden opportunity well sponsered by donors countries.

    The party like JVP should follow the young Some of Sri Lanka`s top cricketers will travel to the Tamil rebel capital Kilinochchi on Sunday to help children affected by the December tsunami and offer cricket tips to aspiring players. Batsmen Mahela Jayawardene and Russell Arnold, wicketkeeper Kumar Sangakkara and fast bowler Ruchira Perera will visit the northern city and attend a ceremony where 250 children orphaned by the tsunami will be given bank papers that guarantee each child a monthly payment of 1,000 rupees for 10 years,

    This unforgettable lanka`s top cricketers` heartful help to these orphaned children in LTTE areas shall be deemed to be an act of gentlemen and JVP and other parties also should learn a lot from our national players.

    Tamil political leaders should appreciate the president`s brave decision to work together with LTTE for the nation`s soverignty and peace.

    we hope sincere that the peace will come certainly to each and every citizen of Sri Lanka those who are against her decision should be sent to prison immediately.

  • 6 May 2005 17:54:42 GMT

    Why we need JM. We already have proven country wide mechanism hierarchy from Government Agent to Grama Niladari. We`ll make use of the existing Mechanism. If, LTTE says no to existing Mechanism, Release that Funds to Sahana Sewa Balakaya of JVP. They would be more than delighted to carry out relief work in Tsunami effected areas in North and East with peoples support from the area, in the same way how they carried out ground clearance just after the Tsunami in North and East. Long Live JVP!!!.