'harges against me not sufficient to remove me from post

  • 2 May 2005 22:12:25 GMT

    People who support JVP in this forum have a very short memory. Boast about clean politics and how they always keep their word.

    If the JVP has the decency to keep their word why not admit that they fought arms in hand against the Provincial Councils and resign from their posts before the WPC chief minister. After all Chief minister is one of the survivors of JVP atrocities. It is hilarious that the same JVPers now fighting for power in PCs.Also it is laughable how so called Sinhala patriots fall into these hypocrites with contradicting policies.

    Can anybody believe that JVP is going to fulfil other promises?

  • 2 May 2005 23:46:32 GMT


    Forget JVP. They were a bunch of armed terrorists. Does the story end there. Rogues should not be allowed to cover behind the garbage of others. Chandrika and her stooges like Reginald must declare their asstes robbed in different guises. IF they are so forthright about the school principals why not the same theory is applied to their own cronies as well. What a Stinking story that Balapatabendi $4.5 million She is dead silent of. Put all the rogue principals in one basket and Balapatabendi would outweigh all of them.

    Are you deaf and blind to the plunder of these rogues. UNP has no different dress. Theirs is worse. So bashing JVP wouldnt take us anywhere. To counter JVP the best weapon one could use is opening their pouches. Would they ever be dared to that challenge?

  • 3 May 2005 00:01:39 GMT

    JVP has promised something and done the complete opposite so far.

    Opposed IPKF, India - Now begging for Indian support

    Opposed Provincial councils -Now using provincial councils for petty gains

    Opposed racism (as communists)-Now use racism as main weapon

    They are against LTTE now

    But mark my words they are the one to betray this nation as well. By that time all our Sinhala nationalists will realise that they have followed a shadow.

    True POPEYE but other parties are guilty of not keeping their promises but they haven`t done the complete opposite.

  • 3 May 2005 00:31:41 GMT

    RADAW - I am still online from Sydney office in my break.

    You are missing the forest for the trees. The real rogues are very happy to see we lock horns in bashing one isolated rogue so that the real sharks evade the net.

    You quantify to me who are the real culprits of the nation?s sad state of affairs from the advent of independence. So they, the full suit and converted Kapati suited are the real scoundrels. Our future generation will decide the fate of JVP if we on the present day settle the score with this set of rogues on at least case by case basis. Settle Reginald the rogue first, now that we got the opportunity. Then Balapatabendi then the armed services and bureaucratic rogues wherever we get the opportunity and then the biggest sharks like Chandrika, Ranil, Somawnasa, Weerawansa and all of them will follow. First give the justice a break and you wouldn?t get a better opportunity than this. Maybe a pipe dream yet worth a try.

    The national problem too is the outcome of these injustices meted out on youth Sinhala/Tamil both due to plunder that syphoned the state coffers. Prabhakaran, Chandrika and Ranil are the happiest of this drama of bashing the lesser rogue

  • 3 May 2005 05:36:46 GMT

    Popeye, I think quite the opposite mate.

    I still think Ranil and CBK are legitimate leaders although always they are not 100% correct.

    It seems many Sri Lankans do not understand the long-term implications of a communist government. Corrupt politicians can be dethroned by the power of the vote, but overpowering a corrupt communist government takes much more than that.

    You don`t cut off your nose to spite your face. If you choose these JVP jokers to rule, SL is doomed.

  • 3 May 2005 12:55:07 GMT


    Either you take things as they are or live in a world of fear psychosis created by these scoundrels. The percentages you are citing are hilarious because just look at a single entity, the presidential mafia devouring billions that could easily convert the nation to unprecedented prosperity on top of her commissions collected in all forms from the 20 million beggars? bowl.

    Yes, neither communist nor capitalist regimes make any difference at the threshold of discharging the reins they grabbed by the barrel of the gun or hoodwinking the masses under convoluted pretexts and promises. Democracy has come of age and the 21st century world has no place for crude communism.

    If it?s because JVP we let loose a rogue go scot-free then we can talk till the cows come home buddy.

  • 3 May 2005 13:54:44 GMT

    If you can not win the confidence of others, kindly get out of that office instead of hanging in there like a leach.

    Disgusting politics.

  • 3 May 2005 22:18:59 GMT

    Popeye you have taken it from the wrong angle my friend. May be I`m also guilty of not explaining myself clearly. There`s no question that any corrupt politician should face the consequences. I have no intention to white wash the corrupt politicians, above all CBK and SLPF.

    What I`m saying is these JVP thugs is not in a position to clean the politics in Sri Lanka they are worst than the current lot.

    That is my only fear.

  • 3 May 2005 23:41:23 GMT


    Pl dont get enmeshed in jigsaw puzzels. The strait talk is about Rogue the Reginald among a myrid of them around this erotica lady whom we must deal with. Even with the blessings of Satan he should be dealt with for better or for worse now that he has been caged. We have a bellyful right now here in down under that the other Ali BABA of Balapatabendi is about to land with the loot with the blessing of M`am. You are still talking about a bunch of JVPers. Bridge is too far to cross.

  • 4 May 2005 02:00:42 GMT


    If it makes any clear to you I agree Reginald Cooray has to be dealt with. Not only him CBK too, but how? Do you trust JVP goons to do it?

    Do you really think this yapping is about bringing him to justice? Welcome to SL politics mate.