'ew regulations within two weeks ? NTC : `Bus crews behave like animals`

  • 28 Apr 2005 04:52:17 GMT

    principals making money,bus drivers conductors making money,tell me except for the poor masses who pays for all these ,all others ,all have made their bucks and making. its a pity ,Oh SriLanka! a paradise nation,people with noble qualities, one time famous CEYLON,wHO SHOULD ANSWER FOR ALL THESE?????

  • 28 Apr 2005 05:05:48 GMT

    There are laws in Sri Lanka that hold the principal(owner/employer) responsible for the acts of his agent(employee).

    The irrational acts of these drivers can be blamed on them also, since as adults they are liable for their own acts. But if we are interested in dealing with the issue at hand, it would be better to understand that these employees do the stunt driving at the instigation of their employers. In any case, those who lay a vehicle in the hands of an incompetent (or dangerous, drunk, intoxicated or minor) is directly liable for any outcome that may arise from such act.

    So the best course of action would be to use the laws already available, and bring in criminal charges against both, driver and owner of the vehicle. We exonerate the owner and they simply get hold of another low skilled moron to continue with the same stupid stunts the very next day. And the circus goes on...

    Why the heck do we design a new noose each time, when all we need to do is put the right head in the noose we already have??

  • 28 Apr 2005 07:59:57 GMT

    This practice of `taking action` after something serious has happened is the SriLankan way of doing things. We have started privatisation programmes in 1977 but even after 25 years successive governments could not install proper organisations to run the all important public bus service. What a shame!!

    Do we need to go behind these politicians anymore?? When do our people realise this truth??

  • 28 Apr 2005 08:19:35 GMT

    It`s high time that action and further regulation is taken! No wonder people have lost faith in privatisation because it is done in such an unregulated manner! Going in a bus or travelling near a private bus in Sri Lanka is utterly dangerous! Its as if the bus driver thinks he`s in the grand prix! We must stop this haphazard way the public transport service runs!It`s a nuisance to other road passengers and it is an even bigger risk to the passengers. I have been waiting for these stringent regulations for years! I am surprised the Govt did not expediate their moves each time a private buss knocked down some innocent person or went down a clif f because it was going so fast out of control! Must we always wait for the worst of accidents to occur?! Shameful!

  • 28 Apr 2005 08:37:47 GMT

    Govt should be held responsible for the perilously law driving standards

    Perhaps Sri Lanka may be the only country in the world, where driver leaner agency can assure you a licence with a minimum number of lesions and before becoming a competent driver. Leaner agencies offer you a ?package deal?, which include charges for few lesions plus fee for driving licence, which includes ?santosam? to the examiner who test the leaner. In fact, totally incompetent learners get their licence with no proper understanding of the control of vehicle or awareness of highway rules or ethics.

    Some Lankans who possess valid Sri Lankan driving licence and apply for driving licence in the West complain that they have failed driving test 10 or more times; reason is that in the West it is not easy to get a licence unless you are a fully competent driver. Examiner expect a high standard of competence and unless the learner demonstrate ability to control the vehicle and clear understanding of the Highway Code and ethics he never get a licence.

    If the authorities have a genuine interest in reducing highway accidents, they should address the issue from the beginning and set standards. Firstly, all learner examiners should be adequately trained as to what they should expect from a learner driver and they should assure a sufficient salary, which will discourage them from following improper practices of taking bribes from driver leaner agencies and pass incompetent learners.

    Unless and until the authorities open their eyes and take measures in the right direction the serious motor accident we witness today will continue to rise unabated.

    Nanda Kodi

  • 28 Apr 2005 08:42:18 GMT

    I completely agree Nanda Kodi.

  • 29 Apr 2005 01:26:06 GMT

    When something like this happens yes- every one runs around blaming this body and that body.

    In this case it`s not just the system that is dysfunctional.

    It`s a cultural thing.

    Us Sri Lankans,we have never had a system in our entire history based on honesty.

    WE as a nation never obey rules and regulations.

    WE always look for ways to go around the set system.

    *)`WE` give a bribe to get something done in a Govt Dept.

    *)`WE` blame the drivers in the busses if they dont get us to work in time all the while leaving home with only half an hour to get to office.

    *)`WE` jump queues or try to at least.

    *)When `WE` drive on the road do we stop at every pedestrian crossing? even if there are pedestrians?

    *)And what about when we cross the road?,

    Do `WE` cross the road at the crossing EVERYTIME?

    *)`WE` make false documents to get our children to schools.

    So why blame the GOvernment and this authority and that authority?

    WE have only ourselves to blame.

    If we ALL change our way of thinking and all stick to following the rules and regulations,then everything will fall into place sooner than later.

    But then that`s a bit too much to ask for isn`t it?