'VP, UNP furious over prorogation

  • 27 Apr 2005 12:09:00 GMT

    It would be Utterly stupid for the UNP to bing down this PC. This PC and the government should be allowed to go on for at least another two years. The people of Srilanka should learn a lesson they will never forget. They should learn it the hard way. Yes we will suffer like we never have before but that will be in the short run. People of Eastern Europe, Russia suffered for over 30 years. But they came out of it a more intelligent alot and they will NEVER EVER trust the Marxists anymore.The people of Cuba are still suffering but they are getting closer to over throwing the Castro government and after that they will never ever go back to marxism.

    The same way our people learn who the JVP really is, that will be the end of the JVP forever also. Then it will be ONE TERRORIST group gone and ONE MORE to go (LTTE).

  • 27 Apr 2005 13:12:02 GMT


    JVP twisting the president`s arm? Give me a break. JVP can not twist anybody`s arm. They have become ponnayas under a saari pota. They will make big statements as usual. Then they will keep quite with tails between their legs (as usual). I would love to see if these guys actually leave the govt.

  • 27 Apr 2005 15:07:45 GMT

    It was the JVP who first exposed the irregularities and corruption in the Western PC

    I think the whole provincial council system is a mess and should be abolished

  • 27 Apr 2005 16:07:59 GMT

    Thanks to JVP, I salute them in this occation as all other occations for their clean politics. There are so many people prepared to sling mud at them to cover their politial impotence.

    Open your eyes!, see who destroyed the country since indepence. Was it JVP? or other two major political parties?.

  • 27 Apr 2005 16:40:12 GMT

    Folks, I am cutting & posting a reply i wrote to Mr. Poruthotage. This is because the forum that carried my response is going to be taken off shortly. I am putting it here so that the gentleman can see it & may respond to it. It appears here because this article is the clostest to what we were discussing.

    Please accept my apologies because admitttdly, my post has little to do with this article per se.

    Thanks you

    Dear Poruthotage,

    Thanks for taking time to respond. I am not on a war path with you personally but let me go back to your arguemenyts. Your success stories have nothing to do with what JVP promised to deliver. You had ignored what I pointed out as JVP promises. (Bring down cost of living, burn CFA, STOP privatization, Limit ministries to 36 etc) You show me which one of them were delivered? How come even CWC is offered ministries along with those muslim mps who defected SLMC. ok, tell me who is not am minister or a deputy minister from the SLFP lot?

    You are pointing some minor successes, which honestly has nothing to do with JVP. Success in Fisheries Ministry can not be attributed to JVP. If they did that in six months, substantial credit should go to previous minister (whom I consider a disgrace). No ministry can be turned around in six months. If that happened because the previous administration has made right decisions and results appeared in your tenure.

    There were previous instances farmers had record harvests (both under SLFP and UNP). It is because of right weather patterns not because the JVP gave them any scientific guidance. They did not provide and do not have a massive plan which helped a better harvest. You have merely quoted success of small industries & culture without being specific. So I can not comment. I really don?t see any improvement there either.

    It remains a fact that they did not deliver any promise they made. Pls don?t tell me privatization of Insurance has nothing to do with JVP. They were in the govt. then and they could have at least objected to it. They kept quite (like meeyas) and to me that is being opportunistic. Don?t tell me they have no control over economy & that is why the economy is falling. If they had a control over economy it would have been worse.

    Poruthotage, JVP is and has been a failure. If they contest on their own they will never get 39 seats. Those men are guided by hatred (kuhakakama) and their own personal and social failures (parajitha manasikathwaya). All they can do it hoot, and potentially kill. By the way have they apologized to families of working class people (and forces) for killing their fathers & husbands? Have you heard of marasinghe?

    One thing to clarify. I never said JVP men are dishonest. I only said they are stupid, short-sighted, kuhakayas! I also said that they are an impediment to the progress of SL. This is how they become similar to LTTE. coming to power on a racial platform to me is the worst thing anybody can do to SL.

  • 27 Apr 2005 19:47:12 GMT

    By prorogating the meetings Governer has taken a side. I think he has to be impartial.

  • 28 Apr 2005 02:43:12 GMT


    NO i have not been to cuba but i went to university in the US. So I have many many friends from Cuba and one of my suite mates was from Cuba. He was a guy who escaped from Cuba when he was about 15 years old, on a finishing boat.

  • 28 Apr 2005 02:46:49 GMT

    Im just curious to know from people like tusker and the likes as to how long do you think the UPFA will last? Do you think things will go on like this for the next six years or will the alliance break up in the next few months?

    Im just curious to know your thinking...

  • 28 Apr 2005 05:24:00 GMT

    If chief minister is corrupt whether it is JVP ,UNP or SLFP they should take necessary measures. I do not know the exact details but if the Government can take actions against so called corrupt Principles of Elite schools why not with the politicians?

    Those who speak all ill about the former socialist countries( Russia) one has to understand the socio-economic conditions prevailed before 1917 revolution. It was not a mistake but a necessity given the circumstances. The system did not work very well and collapsed because of the world wide powerful nations against that system isolating Russia since 1917 a good example of Churchill expecting a collapse of the communist Russia by German invasions. If not for Russia the world war II could have lasted longer and might have changed the freedom we enjoy today defeating Hitler. So we should be able to give credit to then Soviet system even we now know the socialist mode of production did not work but there are lots of achievements due to that revolution we third world countries enjoy today. Discussing about Cuba one has to understand the exploitation of the Cubans had before the 1959 revolution. Cuba too achieved a lot but being a small country without much natural resources unable to survive without regional cooperation. Cuba is not a threat to USA but sanctions are imposed on Cuba to hurt Castro, unfortunately it is the Cubans who suffer. Whether it is Democrats or Republicans they need to satisfy the Cuban immigrants lobbying against Castro in Florida. You ask rest of USA especially the Latinos they will support Fidel!

    JVP is important to our country because of it`s stand against corruption and JVP should be in the opposition to be productive since they will keep a constance vigilance of the corrupt government. However if JVP becomes a part of a government then there will not be any economic progress. The SLFP and UNP is not only corrupt but stupid too. The only way that the country can make peace ,give and respect the fundamental rights of Tamils is a union of SLFP and UNP for a national government. In order to do that two objectives need to be achieved, firstly ,let the executive presidency be for the time being so Chandrika can not come to politics again secondly, remove Ranil from UNP leadership.Thirdly abolish provincial councils for the Sinhalese dominated areas to reduce the political Mafia, and give Federalism to Tamil speaking minority in North and East in a democratic environment.