'uture decisions will shock the UNP says SLFP General Secretary

  • 25 Apr 2005 15:29:13 GMT

    No Sir, They do exactly what is said by IMF, Norway and other terror allies. JVP only trying to prevent it.

  • 25 Apr 2005 15:29:19 GMT

    NOT only future decisions but even the PAST decisions taken by this KATA PERATA government has Shocked most of us.

  • 25 Apr 2005 17:46:37 GMT


    What decision? I don`t know of any decision the current PA took! They are prevented from taking any decision what so ever by a bunch of morons! Is it 36 or 39?

  • 25 Apr 2005 18:33:01 GMT


    Opps Sorry it was my fault. I guess I must have been hallucinating. After reading all those messages from the JVP supporters here, I thought they must have done at least a lil to show for all the BIG TALK. Oh well? I guess this forum is a good reflection of the JVPs, ALL TALK and NO ACTION policy.

    These JVP guys on this forum are just amazing - i mean AMAZING. They would definily make good sales people - i mean used car sales people.





    Only if they do 1% of the things they say they will. Only if they think for one sec instread of HOOTING..

    that will be the day - i guess im hallucinating AGAIN!!!!!

  • 25 Apr 2005 18:44:47 GMT


    You keep contradicting me and i am actually getting very upset with you.

    Why are you insulting car salesmen? What have they done to you?

    A car salesman has to work hard in a very competitive market. It is not for thugs or baffoons. You actually need to have some knowledge about cars!

    Do you think JVP has any knowledge about anything (apart from thuggary)?

  • 25 Apr 2005 22:40:22 GMT

    Our people are so stupid that they believe politicians. UPFA gave us so much promises before coming to power. Our people swollowed them as they are. Our peple do not understand what is economy, inflation and development. Our pople are so lazy. If anybody (politicians) say that they give people so much of concessions, our idiots will vote him/her.

    Everytime SLFP was in power our economy come to a point of almost No return. Thanks for the UNP, it was recoverd to a positive figure from a negative figure. UNP may need a governance at least for 12 years uninterrupted if you want to see a progress.

    The country will never GO FOWARD as long as President Chandrika is in power. That is for sure. If you want to see `Rata Perata` you have to get rid of Bandaranaiyake`s, JVP and LTTE.

  • 26 Apr 2005 00:28:04 GMT

    ..and let Ranil become the president..is it sumudu? wow..that`s great.. I am not a supporter of JVP SLFP or LTTE,but I can clearly say that none of those people are doing good to our country.There are few people in all parties who want to work for the country. Karu jayasuriya in UNp,Mahinda Rajapakshe in SLFp, but other idiots are not letting them to work. If we get rid of morons like,CBk,Anura, Ranil,rajitha,G.L,Jayalath ,Wimal ,other morons and LTTE ,Sri lanka will become one of the leading nations in the world with in 25 years. Any comments?

  • 26 Apr 2005 00:51:49 GMT


    Yes we have had this discussion before and i responded to you, as to why the UNP lost.

    Let me elaborate on my previous answer to you.

    Our economy is in a mess. Its at crisis point and the ONLY thing that keeps it going is the loans we are getting from foreign countries.

    No matter who takes over power - Weather is the UNP or the SLFP or the JVP, if this economy is going to put back on its track, that government is going to have take some very very hard and painful decisions. I don`t care which party it is, they will have to do it.

    Thats what Ranil tried to do. One of the keys to controlling the budget deficit and inflation is reducing government spending. The UNP had to cut government spending and subsidies on things like Agriculture, Samurdi, Oil prices, for at least in the short to medium term. Obviously this hit the common man and the farmer. However, one benefit of that was the prices remaind stable during 2003. We had the lowest level on inflation in the past 20 years. Please note that this did not mean prices came down. What this meant was the prices did not go by a large margin either. These are facts and all you have to do is to and look at the numbers.

    In addition do you know we have one of the LARGEST public sectors in the world. With all that, just go to a government office and see if you can get anything done with out bribing someone. So the UNP totally froze recruitment to the public sector.

    The comes the JVP promising, this that and everything under the sun. THe JVP promised to

    1. Bring down the cost of living

    2. Increase the Salaries of government servants by 70%

    3. Stop all privatization

    4. Give employment to all Undergraduates.

    5. UNPLUGGING the SL economy from the rest of the world.

    And then of course i don`t need to go into all the allegations and promises made regarding the peace process.

    All these promises are GREAT and i would be the happiest, if you can give all these to every SL. But are these realistic?????????????????????? Dont take my word - just look at whats happening in the SL economy and u make up your own mind.

    I give it to the JVP. They have some fantastic public speakers. Especially Wimal Weerwansa. The UNP is a disaster in this area. I think Ranil W is one of the WORST Public speakers ever to take up politics in Srilanka.

    In addition to all this, the people wanted something new. Most of the rural folk in Srilanka dont really know what happened in Eastern Europe or Cuba or North Korea. What they saw was this new `boys` coming to their villages and promising to give every thing they ever wanted. Who can resist that?????????????????????????????????????

    Usually the people who live in cities are more educated and are more aware of whats happening in other parts of the world. The election results of Galle gives u a very good insight into what happened at the last elections. The Souther province has always been a strong hold of the SLFP and the Nationalistic movement. The JVPs Strong hold is also in this dist. So when you put the two together (SLFP and JVP) the UPFA should have had clean sweep of all the electorates and as expected the UNP lost every single electorate in the south, EXCEPT for Galle city - the biggest city in the province. How do you explain that? To me the answer is simple.

  • 26 Apr 2005 04:15:28 GMT

    Hey all; Does anyone other than I feel the desperate need to have less government, the best government?

  • 26 Apr 2005 06:07:27 GMT

    What is shocking is the lack of development work you done during this period you are in power Mr Secretory according to this article here is the list of things the JVP led government has done.

    1) Abolished the UNP`s Railway Authority Act

    2) Restored five hundred reservoirs. Five hundred to go.

    3) Get rid of the state media of the elements responsible for ruining our culture( what ever that means)

    4) inaugurated the University of Uva.

    5) Under Maga Neguma ( development of roads) programme several roads have been repaired and restored

    Anything else apart from saving the country by not doing anything?