'VP: Joint mechanism means end of UPFA

  • 20 Apr 2005 00:12:07 GMT

    Joint Mechanism is a ladder to Ealam. As you precisely said Ealam is not a reality but LTTE and world imperialists want that to happen. Joint mechanism serves that. It won`t help Tamil people but LTTE`s visous asporations.

  • 20 Apr 2005 00:21:26 GMT

    If there is no joint mechanism how can the international AID goes to north and east? What is the JVP proposal or alternative ? Can this be done with transparency and if there is any fear that LTTE will use to strengthen its militarism what methods are available to monitor and stop it? Can some body give some in put without being biased?

  • 20 Apr 2005 00:33:18 GMT

    If there is no Joint mechanism.. then the GOSL will loose credibility in the international arena and most of the promised aide will be withheld.. The LTTEs claims for a separate land (Eelam) will become credible and the support for them from the Tamil diaspora will grow exponentially, along with support from other nations.. If the GOSL wants to salvage whatever image it has as a genuine and acceptable government.. it must accept the Joint mechanism..

  • 20 Apr 2005 01:24:38 GMT

    I don`t understand this major claim about Imperialists want LTTE to have an Ealam. For starters, Western powers have other things to worrya bout rather then SL. What interest can they possibly have in SL which would justify time and resources they would have to employ to get a separate state? What do we have in SL which makes it so attractive to Imperialists? I understand CLAIMS about the West trying to have Iraq under control. Honestly guys, what do we have in SL which makes it so damn attractive to western powers?

    this is one of those JVP pipe dreams. They think the whole world wants to capture SL. As much as I love SL, let us face it, there is no strategic, financial or social interest for the west to have a presence in SL.

    A joint mechanism is the only way. That is the only way to get LTTE to the main political stream. That is the only way forward for SL.

    Guess what, JVP can scream all they want. Joint mechanism will happen and then the country will prosper. Of course a prosperous nation is the end to JVP. Do we care if JVP ends? Frankly I will throw a party!

  • 20 Apr 2005 01:51:16 GMT

    Agree with SK63. JVP need to come out from the well look at the world. They will oppose to any thing that will bring an end to this problem unless it suites there agenda. I feel sorry for the people of Sri Lanka who believe JVP`s lies.

    Even now forign countries are wondering what happend and what will happen to all the aid they send/sent since government cannot still come up with a plan to rebuild the country even after 4 months.

  • 20 Apr 2005 02:40:19 GMT


    I can not comprehend how come the govt. could not get anything done or do to those who are victims of Tsunami even after 4 months! Meanwhile, Minister Amunugama has told journalists not to be biased and admit that the govt. has avtually done many things! So the govt. has done things but people are still in refugee camps.

    I have been repeatedly making this statement. The PA govt is a bunch of morons. I don`t know how these idiots can face their wife and kids! Don`t they have any shame that they could not get even a single thing done!

    As for JVP of course, they are too retarded to realise that they have been a bunch of clowns.

  • 20 Apr 2005 02:57:09 GMT

    sk 63,

    How could joint mechanism can bring LTTE to main stream politics when after the CFA LTTE completely disregard the values of main stream politics? If they have violated 2600 times the CFA, it shows the sinister intentions of LTTE . The Joint Mechanism is different issue which rose after the Tsunami. In what way has LTTE indicated that they will join the main stream politics? They have never said that and they don`t have any intentions. This how ever does not any way mean that there should not be any mechanism to distribute Tsunami AID to the victims in an efficient way. LTTE role is of course important here but the events which unfolded after CFA indicates that LTTE remains a threat to the integrity of Sri Lanka. As I understand, the Sinhalese majority would opt for a Federal state for Tamils. Does it mean a Federalism with arms? If LTTE wants to maintain its military then it is not joining main stream politics but a path to secession as every body see it. So my question is what guarantee UPFA or UNP can give to the nation that it does not happen. If we are very clear about this situation that Federalism is the compromise as the final solution to this ethnic issue then LTTE should disarm or start the process of disarming them selves and Tamils would be able to have an ISGA with supports democratic values . Since that is not the choice then an ISGA is not a feasible solution at this stage and we have to concentrate on a joint mechanism for Tsunami AIDS. Since it is a national crisis it should be a bipartisan approach by the democratically elected representatives of the legislature (including Muslim and Tamil representatives) and first of all if both UPFA and UNP are equally concerned about the unity of this country they should join as a force and have a joint mechanism with LTTE. This will facilitate the rehabilitation and the reconstruction of the devastated areas with more transparency and avoid diversion of Tsunami AID for strengthening military power. Unfortunately as disarmament is not in the LTTE agenda this reconstruction and rehabilitation would not happen soon, again affecting the lives of the Tamil speaking community of our country as it was for the case for last two decades. I do not agree with JVP that their is any sinister agenda of the international community to divide the country but one has to agree that the international community is not happy about the Sinhalese Buddhist Hypocrisy either. Although JVP political agenda with socialist mode of production is out dated and will not help the country to be prosperous there is a legitimacy in their opposition to the ISGA and the current Joint mechanism which should not be discarded as rubbish if we consider national unity integrity and safety of Tamils ,Tamil speaking Muslims who value democracy. If we do not care about that and consider Tamil Elam as the best option , why not give Elam to LTTE and request those Tamils and the Muslims who wants democracy to live in so called Sri Lankan territory of former Ceylon.

  • 20 Apr 2005 03:33:55 GMT

    Dear all,

    Everybody knows but some pretends that LTTE is a ruthless killing machine if a sensible person looks through their past and current activities. Those who shouts blindly that Joint mechanism is the one to solve current crisis and suffering of Tamils in north and east from tsunami are making a huge mistake and will realize it if so called joint mechanism to materialize .

    OK. if we to have a joint mechanism for those who talks merry about joint mechanism at least why they cant stand straight and say LTTE should stop killings of government officers, rival politicians and civilians and stop child abductions before entering to to any mechanism. Why some are trying to give legitimate status to a one of most brutal terrorist organizations the question and is the most saddest thing for our much loved motherland and no wonder if all patriotic forces to get to gether to defeat this betrayal.

  • 20 Apr 2005 04:09:09 GMT

    Sri Lankan public need not to worry about joint mechanism. What ever agreement found by Solhein it will never work out as expected in the past and in the future also President Chandrika will back down under pressure for political reasons.

    JVP as usual threatens to leave the government if things does not work according to their policies. JVP should have left the government long time back by breaking the pledges on regard to number of cabinet members.

    These are the JVP`ers who pledge to bring the cost of living down, now they are in power they cannot bring the price of an egg as they do not have any solution to COL.

    They always bark at everything in sight which is not in their liking but what is the purpose of those big talks if they cannot give a solution.

    This is more of a barking dog with its tail under its legs waiting to run away or giveup at last. A good example they were behind the protest of CEB and petroleum and now after the Finance Minister explained the need of restructing now the JVP union is silent on this issue.

    This would be their script as long in this government.

  • 20 Apr 2005 04:22:25 GMT

    Ok, JVP and JHU accused UNF for sighing the CFA. Now they are against every progressive move the UPFA trying to do. What are the alternatives?

    This is all JVP propaganda by JVP Propaganda Secretary Wimal Weerawansa