'arapana says Vanni airstrip built during CFA

  • 13 Apr 2005 14:13:45 GMT

    for tusky everything is a joke.. u keep laughing as we keep progressing.. Tamils lets` all welcome Eelam.. it`s here and it looks mighty strong!!

  • 13 Apr 2005 14:18:23 GMT

    It does not matter when this was built by the LTTE terrorists. The past and present inept and corrupt Sri Lankan Leaders have turned a blind eye on this great danger to our nation`s sovereignty and unitary status. Irrespective of who, when and what I would like to see the Sri Lankan government order its Air Force to bomb this facility and supporting structures into dust and particles. It is high time that we follow the same policy that a great leader like Ariel Sharon of Israel has adopted towards the terrorists. No negotiations with the terrorist leaders but certainly it must be encouraged with the peace loving other decent Tamil leaders in the country.

  • 13 Apr 2005 14:29:02 GMT

    To those who complain about the `child recruitment` done by the LTTE.. what do u have to say about this?.. `We are concerned focusing on child soldiers can be politically motivated without any genuine consideration for the children themselves. For example, there are many accusations that the opposition force in Sri Lanka has recruited children under age 18, but most accusers are silent about child recruitment by the government forces. Key Sri Lankan politicians have themselves commented on this clearly biased approach, including former Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, who in a 1998 address in Parliament stated: ?The security forces are campaigning in schools, to encourage 15 year old school children to join the army. When I comment on this, they call me a traitor.? He also pointed out that a government recruitment campaign was launched while Mr. Otunnu was visiting the country.`

    -- Ms. Karen Parker (Human rights)

  • 13 Apr 2005 15:16:38 GMT


    That`s the point that all of us were wrong. There is no such thing called ` Our Land`. Sri Lanka belongs to Sri Lankans. Neither to Sinhalese, nor Tamils, Muslims.

    As long as we kill each other for a piece of land, there is no progress in Sri Lanka.

    I don`t think LTTE can declare their own country in Sri Lanka as long as the Buddhism remains in the country.

    Forget about the race and our own land concept. Be a human being, we all are `Homo Sapiens Sapiens`. No one knows what happens after we die, you may fight for whole your life to get a piece of land, and later your next generation will live in peace in that piece of land with your enemy. What`s the purpose of your fighting ????

    Understand the truth, Nothing is permanent in this world.

    Live your own life as a good citizen and die peacefully.

    `Sabbe Sankhara Anichcha`

    However the CFA didn`t do any good to the country. It reflects the stupidity of the politicians at that time, and I don`t think the current government can`t do anything about it. They are also follow the `Power Before Country` motto for their survival.

    We will have to wait so long to find a firm leader to handle this matter, How long ?........... Never know..

  • 13 Apr 2005 19:14:07 GMT


    I dont think it was bulit during CFA. It takes longer than one year or even two years to build an air strip. At least the ground work would have started way before the CFA.

    This raises the issue of Marapana`s credibility. I think he wants to go to the parliament and now tries to do that by making indirect allegations against the UNP. You guys need to remember, he was not given a seat by UNP this time. It is my opinion that he is trying to join PA.

    What a loser!

    He should have done something about it whether it was during CFA or not. Wasnt he the Defense Minister some time ago?

    What a loser again!!

  • 13 Apr 2005 21:14:52 GMT

    To all tamils you came to srilanka for slavery main ly to work on our sewage (Sakkile Tamil) the other being for the platation (Wathu Themala) so dont forget your pass yourl enjoy all the freebies given to you by our politician and try act like you own the place to india where you came from. What ever you try to say Sakili themala and wathu themal are your origins and you will remain same untill you die in eyes of sihaleese.

  • 13 Apr 2005 22:46:08 GMT

    hey guiys why do u guys still keep posting in this forum ... cmon ... this forum is a joke .... !! seriously

  • 13 Apr 2005 22:55:29 GMT

    Allo Gajaman ,

    thmseta thathala dhennek innawa kiyala Aranchi. Vesa kolla.

    How dare you insult our origin. Its your origin who got kicked out of India and came on a Kallathoni. Stop posting stupid coments and show your upbringing and your family history.

  • 14 Apr 2005 04:12:44 GMT


    With regret I have to condemn your earlier post. I am a Sinhala Buddhist and I have always maintained LTTE to be a terrorist outfit. I have always being against seperate state or Ealam but have been supportive of Fedaralism. While we may have totally opposing view with Tamils, one`s arguements need to be decent in nature and should carry a point.

    You are on war path and unnecessarily condemning another community. I am sure you are aware both Tamils and Sinhalease came from India. One can not suggest Tamils (or Sinhalease) to go back to where they came from. I would very sincerely request you to be mindful of what this forum is for in your future posts.

    Thank you sir

  • 14 Apr 2005 04:14:47 GMT

    Oracle_Aus and Lalth,

    You guys are also missing the point. Take it easy boys will you?