'angala, Amunugama battling for supremacy?

  • 7 Apr 2005 14:35:13 GMT

    It`s a shame Mangala, you got to resign.

  • 7 Apr 2005 15:53:53 GMT

    We are witnessing the final days of the SLFP. The party is weak and full of infighting, just like JVP wants it.

    1. Chandrika Vs Rajapaksha

    2. Anura Vs Rajapaksha

    3. Mangla Vs Rajapaksha

    4. Chandrika Vs Mangala

    And Now

    5. Amunugama Vs Mangala

    This is exactly what the JVP wants. The eventual goal of the JVP is to be the largest political party in the country and rule on its own so they can turn SL into another Cuba or a North Korea. Today the UNP is the largest party and the SLFP the second largest. Before the JVP can be the largest, they have to be the second largest. For that to happen, first off they have to some how destroy the SLFP.

    The JVP and the SLFP compete for the same Left oriented votes. The people who traditionally vote for the UNP are the moderate sinhalese, minorities, the educated and people living in urban areas.

    Those who traditionally vote for the SLFP are - sinhala nationalists, the left leaning, rural voter. This is the same voter group the JVP appeals to. In the coming months we will see the more racial elements in the SLFP aligning themselves with the JVP and the more moderate elements aligning themselves with the UNP.

    The last elections showed us how much the JVP had made inroads into the SLFP voter base. The SLFP is neither here nor there when it come to policy on the important issues like the economy + peace process.

    If nothing else, we are all witnessing a Historic moment in the Srilankan political arena - the slow, gradual break up/ disintegration of the SLFP.

  • 7 Apr 2005 16:19:31 GMT


    What in fight in the UNP? Everyone has accepted Ranil as the leader and presidential candidate.

    If your talking about Adikari and the likes - Adikari was not even given nominations for the last elections. So he doesn`t count. And the people like Rohitha bogollagama were expelled.

    Every democratic party has people with differences of opinion. Thats what democracy is. However, u dont see constant bickering in public do you? u dont see constant mud slinging do you? And most of importantly, the UNP has had a consistent policy on all important issues like the economy and the peace process. U might not agree with those , but they have a consistent policy.

    Im NOT obsessed with the problems in the UPFA. I just find it quite amusing, Funny and very entertaining.