'eparting CC members highlight weaknesses in the act

  • 3 Apr 2005 12:46:03 GMT

    It`s not the 17th amendment that failed, the whole system after 1977. The system that brought up to feed the `stupid` politicians and keep them in the power no matter they did, and do. If we had previous system, this disaster won`t be happened to the country, then the politicians have to go to their area and work to get the votes. Thanks to JRJ and his `power hungry` UNP for ruining the dignity of the politics/Democracy. I don`t say that former SLFP or UFPA is the best. They also are the same. But we need a system that the politicians should take the responsibility for their acts.

    When one insults the SC and go to the jail, and there are hundreds of the same type are protesting to take him out in spite of the judgment, where the country can go ?

    I think it`s time to think of a new system. Or a president like Premadasa, who takes firm decisions. Even though we have executive presidency, it`s hidden under the power struggle and can`t find the way to come out.