UNP backs WB move of direct aid to Tigers

  • 7 Mar 2005 10:47:59 GMT

    Dentist(Not insulting other Dentist)Rajitha,

    I don`t think you you were breastfed by your mother. if she did so you won,t be such a third class greedy guy. it is unbelievable how much greedy you are for becoming power. why don`t you have any shame to jeopardize motherland for well being you and your family.it is crystal clear you will definitely sell out your mother if it will need to do for come back power.

  • 7 Mar 2005 13:52:22 GMT

    I think Dr Rajitha point is correct in both ways ?

    Humanitarian and a united sri lanka

    If anybody blaming that he is try to grab the power by using this kind of tack tics is myth? if he really want to get the power he will use very patriotic slogan like other parties.. just get the popular in sinhala community and win the elections?

    I think this is beyond our politics, first you have to consider the people in north and east are sri lankans. So we have to have some mechanism to deliver aid to those who effected in those areas; it?s a prime responsibility of the government. If they are not initiating any action to uplift the people of northeast applies that government is already considering that part is not ours?.

    Do you think Dr Rajith using this to get political an advantage? There is no logic in that. Dr Rajith is not doing politics his first time.. He knows this statement can be manipulate and can use, by so call nationalist as ?Anti patriotic? slogan, and will effect his votes?

    People have suffered too much and it?s almost three months now?Government is still struggling with each other without doing anything positive to do some thing for effected.

    I feel the best possible action should be a joint mechanism to deliver aid ? becoz there is no time to fight and find who and what is correct ?. People suffering day by day ?first show people that we (The government) is willing help the people of north east. Get their hearts rather than their hates?.

    This is the reality.. please take off you racist glasses and look into the matter in more logical and humanitarian point.. That will give us a long-term peace, happiness and sovereignty? The so called patriotic should understand the truth which load Buddha preached 2500 year ago.

  • 7 Mar 2005 15:43:30 GMT

    AJJA WHO ???????

    Is Rajitha & the UNF tring to emerge as the rulers at the expense of the Wanni support ?

    What did Rajitha have to say when Wanni killed the UNP repesentative for Batticaloa prior to the General Elections in order to pave the way for Wanni rep to gain votes ?

    Did not the Wanni try to double cross the UNF in trying to increase their numbers in the parliament & to be king makers to bloster the UNF & into power ?

    Why can not the Wanni accept the terms of the soverign GOSL to develop their areas as the GOSL will be responsible for the repayment of loan ?

    Is the dentist trying to do an extraction without anaesthetic ?????????????????????

  • 7 Mar 2005 17:09:44 GMT

    Your trying play politics with the people who have lost every thing due to tsunami.. not only north and east even south won?t get anything due to your strategy. GOSL should win people in north. Most of the time short-term losses will give, long-lasting winnings.

    Do you think UNP can form a government with TNA (LTTE) Do you think will it live long in sinhala majority country ? Do you think UNP can?t understand this ?foolish argument? which you understood.

    I think you have some problem in your nursery education.

  • 7 Mar 2005 18:09:38 GMT

  • 7 Mar 2005 19:44:43 GMT

    Let`s not forget UNP+LTTE coalition would have held to power had they have a UNP president. Ajja; Last time it was Rajitha and several others were bought and a new government materialized. It was working (adamantly) on only one agenda until it got sacked. Next time when that happens there may not be an opposition president to stop that. So don`t count on the democracy we have in Srilanka.

    And it is LTTE who plays politic with people who lost everything. They don?t care about the well being of people in North East (and especially in the East) . First thing they did was to forbid relief workers coming in. Then utilise all the resources to launch a propaganda war to demonise Srilankans in order to divert aid money to their war chests. To help this purpose they prohibited displaced Tamils to accept help from Singhalas. Then started recruiting orphaned children. Now they are spending foreign monies collected (http://www.lankanewspapers.com/news/2005/3/952.html) . All these can be justified in the name of struggle to freedom. But to some, this is playing with misery of Tamil people.

  • 8 Mar 2005 01:49:11 GMT


    If UNF is correct in your opinion that SLGo has not done enything to give relief to the ppl living in Tsunami affected area, then what UNF wud have done was (if they are Sooo worried abt affected ppl) to tie up with SLGo AND NOT WITH LTTE, to seek workable planning to disburse aids.

    By Rajitha`s commentiong like this, UNF too is willing to accept LTTE is the ruling party for N&E, thus Rajitha (Togther with the other bunc of nuts in UNF) has challenged the sourignity of Sri Lanka. (Like what Harrold of WB did)

    One can simply understand this process even he/she had problems in nursery.

    Seems there were some problems in your entire education..

  • 8 Mar 2005 02:05:55 GMT

    Rajita is out of mind.

    Still WB has not released funds to LTTE, but the SriLankan government. All the coordination is done through GAs in North and East provinces.

    I do not think Rajitha is hiding these things.He is out of mind. Miserable guy!!!. He will end up in Angoda soon.

  • 8 Mar 2005 06:50:20 GMT

    Rajitha is another dumb politician selected by ourselves. This is our so called `great culture` treating the enemy of enemy as a friend. For UNP now the worst enemy is the government, so they are giving all the support for LTTE to defeat the goventment betraying the nation