Kadir against peace talks - TNA MP

  • 5 Mar 2005 11:22:00 GMT

    Pararajah will do anything to get to Ealam. He will support any government. This is equivalent to Ponnamba`s act to support any government as long as he is given a ministership.

    After three years of MOU, SLMM and the norwegians, in the absence of any tangiable peace or any sight of peace, I think it is time to abrogate the misunderstood MOU, get the Norwegians and the SLMM out, invite India to get invlove in the peace process. The Vanni LTTE (VLTTE) should undetstand Like Batti LTTE (BLTTE) did, that Ealam is only and illusion, and never will happen. India will see to that in order to save Tamil nadu erupting. This is a geo political reality we all know and VLTTE should get out of their mould and accept it. That goes to the TNA guys propogating VLTTE views in the parliament without being genuinely elected.

    We don`t want to lag behind while the the world and south asia moving forward. We are in the times we can develope the country if we stay united and treat each other as citizens of equal status. We the sinhalese looked at the tamils with suspicion, not witout reason, as the Tamil Nadi was across the straits and have been historically an invading force throughout.We do not have any fear any more as they now do not have military forces to invade. We all have to change to accept the fact that all are citizens of SL with equal rights and respect the person as a human being. India for example has so many ethnic groups and they all are treated alike. Until that is done there will be no harmony.

    Kadir was right, India is the key to the solution.

  • 5 Mar 2005 12:48:45 GMT

    No one in right mind should ever give a hoot for this TNA thugs. When was the last time they looked into the issues of their people without getting orders from their masters, the LTTE? Besides, sooner or later they will be killed by the Karuna group for being stooges of LTTE.

    Kadirgamar is very right to ask for Indian assistance as we are not going anywhere with incompetent Norwegians who the Tamils love so much. Measuring the TNA fellows` statement, they are truly scared of Indian participation. It is with India`s involvement that we will see any lasting settlement in Sri Lanka. India for their part know how to deal with these thugs having got to know the true colors of their stripes over the years.

  • 5 Mar 2005 22:22:47 GMT

    The opinion of a sub-human ape-man about a true intellectual and democratic leader who has consistently refused to be intimidated by terrorism, or give into cheap racism, cannot be anything but idiotic. These guys make the noises that are pleasing to their blood-thirsty jungle boss, so that they can get fat and rich off of the lives of the kids who are forcibly conscripted into the losing cause of terrorism.

  • 6 Mar 2005 09:56:31 GMT

    bert..I rather say `FART` your statement is a disgusting one..same as your people..(kallathoni). pls be a example for those who are not supporting terrorist within your tamils...

  • 6 Mar 2005 16:12:02 GMT

    Hey, Bert,

    LTTE unilaterally declared CF after 9/11 with the fear that Bush will give support to SL. Prabhakaran may sound like a hero to brain washed Tamil Nationalism and hypocrisy. Prabhakaran`s military genius is to use innocent Tamils as a human shield and sacrificing kids made soldiers. Of course it is Sinhalese dumb policies made a schizophrenic a war lord and paying their prize now. How ever there are more opportunities for both Tamils and Sinhalese to live peacefully and harmony. So wake up stop dreaming about an Elam. Do not let the schizo-Prabha delusions take over a sound mind.

    sweet dreams

  • 6 Mar 2005 17:08:25 GMT

    Hey Bert, Don`t shout Too loud. If Karuna heard your voice.... Becareful......

    Y your great party doesn`t like to see India is involving to solve this problem. Do u think India will wait until LTTE take your dream Eelam Nation?

  • 12 Mar 2005 21:15:29 GMT

    Good one bert.. keep`em coming.. let`s see if we can knock some sense into these idiots.. EELAM FOREVER!!!

  • 12 Mar 2005 21:16:35 GMT

    Good one bert.. keep`em coming.. let`s see if we can knock some sense into these idiots.. EELAM FOREVER!!!