'ayewardenepura campus out of bounds to seniors

  • 31 Mar 2005 23:06:49 GMT

    Jay_r. I am sorry to say the problem is the mentality of the people. Do not blame the students alone. Look at the workers. They go on strike for everything. When they strike they destroy public property. Students follow the same pattern. We have a destructive mentality. Until that changes these will continue. We have a responsibility to change the way we think. Let us start here.

    We all can make a change. If we wait till the politicians to change this country that will never happen. We have seen what they have done and are doing.

  • 1 Apr 2005 01:27:45 GMT

    Jay-r,there is no lack of work in SL Unis. I my self have experienced both the systems and currently teaching in one of the foreign universities. These students do not work that hard when compared to our universities. The problem stems from the social structure and the way of life. Students here, in contrast to ours, do not spend much time in the university (except international students who has no where to go and nothing else to do and unmarried postgraduate students). They have many other social activities and interests outside the university. On the other hand staff (academic) engage in many other activities including research. There is no undue obedience of students to the staff.(Just imagine the status of a uni lecturer in SL, they are like gods. I have been one of them.For your information, here they never call me `sir`, some even uses the term `Buddy` to call me, I kind of like it.)

  • 1 Apr 2005 03:20:30 GMT

    ragging in sri lankan universities is mainly due to jealousy of seen somebody else too becoming educated and getting to good positions, part of sri lankan destructive mental attitude. I feel the as measurement to government should arraigned enlightening programs on media ,they can arraigned discussions with psychologists to reason out as to why this kind of ragging. Once it`s an open secret as to why ragging take place those who do ragging will talk to themselves, They will feel ashamed of themselves. If seniors get caught for ragging they should be given psychiatric treatment for destructive behavioral changes.

    ms 007

  • 1 Apr 2005 03:49:31 GMT

    Ragging is common in Sri Lanka and India. In Sri Lanka there is a an understanding that in the university people of every class meet and will resolve this inequality of the society, of course temporarily. However the decadence of the society changed this attitude and turned it to a place where you take the revenge of this class discrepancy and also had led to perversion. As many in this forum said the students in developed world has many things to do than just hanging around . They have to do part time jobs to survive and also has a better understanding of their students as well as human rights. Further more such actions are not permitted by university authorities. Also is the fact that you pay for your tuition and if some body comes to rag you they will beat the hell out of you. This is an exemplary step the the University has taken.

  • 1 Apr 2005 04:36:56 GMT

    Having read the comments made by others, I too would like to contribute as a person who studied in a Sri Lankan Uni.I too went throght sever ragging period in 1986. At that time of course I personally did not liked.However in the subsequent years with the support and unity we received from our seniors were remarkable. When I started working in Colombo most of the senior officers were our senior students who were in the university. The relationship you build up during the ragg season were excellent.

    Some seniors do ragging to get hold of a girl, some seniors they return what they got from others.

    Ragging may be good to a extent but not in a violent nature.

  • 1 Apr 2005 04:48:51 GMT

    Basically, if one had to pay for his/her education & engage in partime employment for expenses, then there would be no time for ragging.

    In my point of view, ragging from good fun has turned into a class struggle & politics.

    Further, the rabble rousers have fogotton that the fact that GOSL have invested in them & have taken for granted & with no gratitude.They are suppose to be the country`s future ?

    It has been quite unfair on the part of the students to behave in this manner.

    If they do not realise this fact, such students must be denied of this facility, permanently.Authorities must put their foot down & be firm. Also, keep politics out of the lecture halls

    Its is time the rabble rousers learn to appreciate & respect.

  • 1 Apr 2005 05:00:15 GMT

    As one of the participants to this debate mentioned, raggig is prompted by hatred. Don`t even think that it will bring everybody to equal level. If hard physical ragging makes everbody equal that is some sort of a medical miracle. It is done by mostly those students coming from outstations. They just want to give a hard time to people who appear to be well off.

    I know University of Moratuwa has no ragging or almost no ragging. One reason of course i the JVP has no say there. In fact, the JVP got badly defeated during elections. At least SL has one university which does not tolerate ragging

  • 1 Apr 2005 05:41:35 GMT

    What Anandak has mentioned is quite true. Ragging is like a knife. You may use it for both good and bad. What has happened recently was that various groups have grabbed this concept of ragging to gain their political goals within the university. Raggers and anti-raggers are both encouraged by political and social movements.

    Sk63 has mentioned that people from out stations promote ragging, which to some extend is true. However, I find it really funny how outstation is defined at different universities. For instant in Ruhuna Uni people from Colombo is outstation, then all the students form Galle and Matara are anti-raggers, where as students from other areas promote ragging.

    In universities ragging can go beyond certain levels that it may be identified as hatred or intimacyual abuse. However, I have seen many people who has found rag season, later in their university life, as the best period of their uni. life. In a place where you need extensive support from seniors for notes, books and some times accommodation, raging has become a good tool of getting to know each other. At the end of the day having access to a large network of people is extremely important for your carrier.

    In the west, where there is no ragging, you have clubbing.( and you have to buy notes from the book shop). Well, sometimes people get killed in the pubs and clubs. But it never ends.

  • 1 Apr 2005 13:24:37 GMT

    It is sad to think that ragging can be a form of bonding. It shows the lack of communication skills among our students who spend years engrossed in their text books. Ragging is degrading and denying ones basic human rights. If students need to form friendships it should be done in the playground, canteen, parks etc. Ragging should be banned and offenders should be punished by the law just like thieves, murderer, con artists etc. No preference should be given to students. An offender is an offender. Students should remember that they are getting free education. The people of sri lanka are contributing money so they can study. They should concentrate on their studies and look for ways to repay the people and country by getting a job and setting an example to less fortunate people. If the educated elite in the country cannt set an example how can we expect others to solve the various problems in our country!

  • 1 Apr 2005 17:43:38 GMT

    I agree with Jay-r. if students have enough work how come they have time for ragging.