'ormer senior UNP Minister Adhikari vows to oust Ranil

  • 30 Mar 2005 21:32:28 GMT

    A good revolt for Ranil`s treacherous secret pact with LTTE to deceive the Majority Sinhalese,Tamil & Muslim population.A revolution like Karuna with LTTE which comes as KARMA.

  • 30 Mar 2005 21:57:04 GMT

    I would say a very progressive step by a UNP member. UNP needs to kick Ranil away and SLFP should get rid of the Bandaranayake family. Progressive minded UNP and SLFP should make a national government with other parties supporting to unite the country. Make Kadirgamar the president and think about Mahinda Rajapakse or Karu Jayasooriya as the Prime Minister.

  • 30 Mar 2005 22:42:47 GMT

    The best thing that can happen to Sri Lanka is to have a non-Buddhist, non sinhala President or a Prime Minister for that matter.

    Look at India, Singapore, that is why those countries are progressing. We have elected leaders who do not have leadership qualities. The only qualification is to be a Sinhala Buddhist. Till this mentality changes we will never ever progress. We will continue to wage a war that can never be won, we will continue to elect leaders who are really not `LEADERS`, we will hero worship politicians and identify ourselves to apolitical party than to issues and peril.

  • 31 Mar 2005 01:27:11 GMT

    Leo, all of our leaders including Ranil, Chandrika and others are non-sinhala and non-Buddhists(it is only written in their birth certificates). If you meant that we should make someone from Norway the PM of SL, I have no answer to that.

  • 31 Mar 2005 04:13:25 GMT

    Mr.Adikari,You may remember what Ranil`s uncle did during famous Kalawewa by election.Niyathapala,Suriyaperuma, late Ossie and myself were there.Go ahead.Good luck

  • 31 Mar 2005 05:33:52 GMT


    Let Adhikari make some money will you? He has been paid by the bankoloth PA. The PA could not find a UNP MP to defect. They also could not get any decent UNP man to support them. Now they have paid an old age pensioner to do an agitational campaign. I am no fan of UNP but between the PA and UNP, the latter have greater capability to get the economy running.

    As for Adhikari, he was a loser and will always be. Come on guys, let the man make some money from PA, go around agitating. He can do nothing to the UNP and achieve nothing (come to think of it, he never achieved anything when he was in the UNP Parliament either). What a loser!

  • 31 Mar 2005 05:44:23 GMT

    What mister Adikari said was correct, because it is Cristal clear for even a child that Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe is not capable of running a country. If he finds so much of trouble to control his own party, then it is questionable and without a dought that he cant control the country. Basically I think he was lucky to get the leadership of UNP and this is the best time he should retire. That decision will be best for him and for the country. Also President Chandrika Kumaranatunge is not the best choice we have left!!!!

  • 31 Mar 2005 08:05:22 GMT

    My salute to magha,

    All this family politics is menace to the country. We need to get rid this selfish leaders

  • 31 Mar 2005 08:13:53 GMT

    Dear Ranhoti,

    Do not say that. There corrupted politicians in SLFP & UNP. We need to select the non-corrupted ones and support them. This is the time to educate the people who are corrupted. Ranil is not a good leader & and chandrika better than Ranil but not the required one. We need a leader who does not sell the country and who doe not help to devide the country. See now, what`s happening Chandrika sleeps LTTE started it`s own TV. I doubt this is the one that Norway helped LTTE to bring through Port in UNP time. Now the country is volatile condition. Who can say Chandrika is good leader. We need a KONDA PANA THIYANA NAYAKAYEK

  • 31 Mar 2005 09:47:51 GMT

    A word to Leo, It is natuaral that any country in the world will have its leader be appointed if thro; a vote from the majority. Its the leader who should then act impartially to all citizens.The race is immaterial.

    Anyway Mr. Adhikari`s step would pave way for a better future for all UNPers