'inister calls election null and void

  • 29 Mar 2005 04:48:11 GMT


    NO doubt that the entire board of control for Criket is made of rogues from the time SL was elevated to the ICC status. The man who was at the helm of that exercise Gamini Dissanayake intiated the game of corruption - he himself being a rogue - by appointing his henchmen. Wasnt it he who made this sports body a limited liability company to ransack its coffers.

    So disolving and appointing another set of rogues or paving the way for the same old set to retake the reins through the corrupt jucdiciary only add insult to the wounded cricket mania that is making the country a gamblers den. Words - accountability, transparency bla bla came to prominence when this cancerous CBK add them to her polical campaign replacing Dharamista and her name sake Jeevan too would rotate the board with his bunch of rogues.

  • 29 Mar 2005 13:49:14 GMT

    i dont think mr. sumathipala has done a good job - isnt the board in deficit now from a surplus several not so long years ago?

    anyways, wether the minister is right or wrong in disolving the board - sumathipala like the rest of us have to learn to obey the law -period!!!

  • 29 Mar 2005 15:30:55 GMT

    PatrioticSrilankan! u r quite right! The day every Sri Lankan irrespective of class creed & race obeys the law,we can count for a good govern ace.The point is if the big wits like Sumathi do not know what the law is considering the way how this man behaved in courts until the witness was gunned down.Best idea is for SB,Ranil,Sumathi & all who says they are above the law must form a joint front with AVATHAR-LTTE!

  • 5 Apr 2005 00:01:49 GMT

    To Sha11:

    Very good comment but unfortunatly the law of the country does not apply to the Bandaranayakas. It only applies to average people like you and me.