'overnment fuel coupons abused

  • 24 Mar 2005 06:20:52 GMT

    Sorry to hear this type things under the UPFA rule.

    But I believe the blame should not go to the thief, but partially to the people who voted for them, and parties who nominated and appointed them as ministers.

  • 24 Mar 2005 10:54:10 GMT

    I wonder how or when we we are going to have persons whom we can admire as our political leaders. This so called democracy in a country like ours does not allow the real genuine patriots to join the political stream, as it is for the people who do have dirty money who can compete with their power of wealth, and that will be the one and only qualification they are in possession and alas!!! they do get elected purely on that. The motto of their political life is to earn as much as wealth by indulging in various anti social activities using their political immunity as cover. This is one of the example illustrating the quality of our so called `political leaders`. When can we get rid of them and go forward????

  • 24 Mar 2005 14:19:58 GMT

    This is ballant deceipt & cheating ?

    The Deputy Minister and/or his staff has mislead the CPC as well.

    UPFA must take action against this politician irrespective of his mistake or that of his officials and take immediate action to recover this costs.

    There is no point ordering an investigation. As it will be only a loss of man power in addition to the loss.

    How could you entrust a ministry when even Rs. 100,000

    is not safe. Stealing habbit is his genes.

    Enter parliament with a crooked mind. Example f a SL politician.