• 27 Dec 2005 15:13:15 GMT

    I do not understand the perons who accuse freely...

    The criminals are still not arrested , ans so how a decent man can affirm , it`s LTTE ?

    Kadirgmar`s killers are too still not arrested, how a intelligent and decent man , can affirm it`s LTTE ?

    Without proofs nobody can affirm !

    Such affirmations are the main cause for racism in Sri lanka.

  • 27 Dec 2005 15:25:17 GMT

    LTTE is maybe labelled as a terrorist group, but is it enough to accuse them for EVERY EVERY EVERY commited crimes ???????

  • 27 Dec 2005 16:04:45 GMT

    Thanks Kural for showering me with compliments. I see you just like the LTTE propaganda apparatus denies the involvement of the murders of FM Kadirgamar and MP Pararajasingham. The LTTE has also blamed the recent days Claymore mines that has blown up SLA trucks and busses on a third party not related to the LTTE. This is the LTTE pattern. LTTE lie and deny everything officially and brag about their atrocities unofficially. The only thing that surprise me is that have not ruled the murders of FM Kadirgamar and MP Pararajasingham as suicides, but then again that would be too stupid even for the LTTE spin doctors.

    The senseless murders of innocent people were one of the reasons Colonel Karuna decided to fight against the LTTE. He was feed up of all the murders committed by Pottu Amman in his territory. Prabakaran is not fighting for the Tamil cause. An increasing number of previous LTTE symphatisers understand the LTTE is a disaster for the Tamil people.

    I belive even Anton Balasingham have a problem living with himself after his lifelong support of the LTTE. He most have discovered the LTTE has become an organisations were the ambitions and benefits for it`s leader overshadows the interest of the Tamil people. This discovery could be the reason for Balasingham increased frendship with Mr. Johnny Walker, Mr. Ballantines and Mr. Chivas Regal.

    LTTE is kidnapping Tamil children and sacrificing them for the LTTE leaders insane ambitions. We all know these ambitions are not limited to Sri Lanka and it would be sad if Prabakaran sacrifice another generation Tamils for his personal ambitions.

    I see Kural think my comment on the bulletin board might encourage racism. I do not think anyone will accuse me for being anti Sinhalse by accusing their leaders to be soft on terrorism. I am also accusing President Rajapakse for doing a mistake by not giving important ministerial post to Tamils. Where is the racism?

    I do not call LTTE a racist organisation. We all know the LTTE torture and kill everyone regardless of race, religion and language.

    By the way I am not Sinhalese, but the nice thing about the Sinhalese is that you can have a difference of opinion with them and you can even call their democratically elected leaders for idiots without being arrested, tortured or murdered.

    Maybe the freedom of speech is one of the reasons so many Tamils choose to live in the South and not in the LTTE occupied territory?

  • 28 Dec 2005 11:20:51 GMT

    I make clear i dont support any assasination of politicians , whether they good or bad . its up to people decide. srilankas policies are going down the drains because of lack of experianced politicians.

    tamils have very small number of politicians Pararaja singham was one of true politician he will be remembered in histry. karuna may not have done this assasination it must be rajapaksha & co`s act.

    all TNA politicians met Rajapaksha only a week ago and Rajapakshas must have thought to finish Pararajasingham.

    IF you singhalese want peace ,

    first withdraw the troops from north east

    lift all economic sanctions , allow fisherman to fish freely , allow people to settle in their homes i think allmost 500,000 families houses are occupied by army while those familes are rotting in tents and shelters.

    that way you will see democracy in the country , when i was there i saw the peoples anger and i knew war will start soon if those army withdraw from their homes and fields. ( if you are a farmer and your land is occuped by army what can you do? and if you are a fisherman and if you are not allowed to fish what would you do?)

    if tsunami didnt change the minds of singhalese what else? not even allowing equal share of aids to tamils in front of the world.


    i now come to the topic barbarism.

    auther accusing LTTE of killing people in holly places , srilankan government have attacked many holi places and killed thousands of innocent peoples in temples and churchs . they have not stoped at that , they distroy many holy places. they even burned a famous charriot of Selva chanaty temple.

    Kadirgamar was killed by singhalse , he was never a tamil . and yet singhalese used him and finished him.

    same thing will happen to douglas and sangaree

  • 28 Dec 2005 11:44:12 GMT


    It`s wasting my time to argue with a BRAINWASHED guy.

  • 29 Dec 2005 11:39:20 GMT

    I suspected mahinda have link with this murder ,

    he met Pararajasingham in his residence a week ago and he gave hard time and disided to finish him.

    please read

    As soon as this was published, then Prime Minister Rajapaksa telephoned Pararajasingham?s home in Colombo and argued with Pararajasingham demanding him to withdraw the statement made to the Daily Mirror! As a man of principle, Pararajasingham refused Rajapaksa`s demand and disappointed Rajapaksa concluded his phone call saying that, ????once the presidential election is over, you will see my true colours??. This was considered by Pararajasingham as a statement having double meaning and as a threat. This telephone conversation was witnessed by Pararajasingham?s wife Mrs. Sugunam Pararajasingham. Mr. Pararajasingham recorded Rajapaksa?s telephone conversation with the Executives of TCHR as this was considered a serious threat. On 24 December 2005, Mr & Mrs Pararajasingham participated in the midnight Christmas Eve mass in their home town Batticaloa. When they were ready to receive Holy Communion from the Bishop of Batticaloa - Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham was shot dead by unidentified gunmen, within the Cathedral

  • 29 Dec 2005 15:10:48 GMT

    Terrorism is my game, i want copy rights

  • 29 Dec 2005 17:25:52 GMT

    Thamil anne come and buy land, start business in my wanni

  • 29 Dec 2005 18:34:17 GMT

    ``The good Co-Chairs, to wit, the US, Japan, EU and Norway are also doing nothing to help Sri Lanka put an end to terrorism. So, it is little wonder that evil is flourishing at the expense of good men and women.``

    so what these co-chairs should do is condemn the LTTE and praise the GOSL for its excellent human rights record so far.

    i guess state sponsored terrorism should be conveniently ignored. until this one sided mind set is changed the ethnic issue is not going to melt away.

  • 30 Dec 2005 10:49:17 GMT

    He wholeheartly supported many deaths including children. No wonder he got many enemies.