LTTE readying for attacks in Colombo

  • 24 Dec 2005 11:30:04 GMT

    Hi Kotake,

    Machan, I thought your job is to STOP these attacks and save all us from trouble. There is no point of talking. If possible please stop terrorist attacks in Colombo. Mere lip services will not do...

  • 24 Dec 2005 17:44:06 GMT

    GOSL should give pressure to LTTE by attacking LTTE strong holds.

    GOSL`s ever pateiance will never work.

  • 24 Dec 2005 18:16:00 GMT

    Thanks to RW this may be possible

    Did he ever care for the poor Sri Lankans? I think not

  • 25 Dec 2005 00:31:37 GMT

    You very well that it is a no win situ. Why do not quickly solve the problem. We have lost patience after the CFA, now four years a long time. How did the north western and southern province people carried out business in the northern province up to the seventies. How many Singhala people studied in the North and became professionals. You started the communal politics and paying for it. It is the last chance. Please remember Mullaituvu, Elephant Pass, Kanunayake, ;;;;;;. This time you will make you appeal to India again to save you.