`Shooting at chopper meant to hit back at EU`s stand on LTTE`

  • 15 Dec 2005 21:58:16 GMT

    The jungle man may be thinking that the way he takes away lives of many decent tamils but still gets away as he points the gun at every tamil. These helpless tamils even can not oppose any inhuman carnage.

    He must be thinking that he also can control the people out side the `land of self determination`. I am sure the EU will come down like a `ton of bricks` on the LTTE.

    Of course it will hurt them other wise also as the so called `disciplined leaders` will not be able to go on `intimacy tours` while showing to the world that they are `taking peace` !

  • 15 Dec 2005 22:38:42 GMT

    Hi Marshall Don

    Had you made this statement when the darling of the west Ranil was at the semi hot seat PM, my boy would have been brought to his knees with a barrage.

    Good to see that you have applied a bit of ointment to your bended back thats getting a little straighten thanks to Nov 17 historic decision with all its faults.

    A bit of advise to pilot Kasun Hewage. My advice to you after you completed your CPL at Bankstown aviation Sydney was to get the cadet entry to Air Lanka with the blessings of that million dollar VIP investor in Melbourne Balapatabendi, your relative. When the terra hit the rotter of your chopper it would have immediately crossed your mind the wisdom of my comment. You nearly missed the promotion to Air Marshall- posthumously.

    As for the EU reps, its nothing to get alarmed. Had we seen the charred remains of Mm Marguerita still we got to take things cool because the CFA is holier than a simple life of a white.

  • 15 Dec 2005 23:39:28 GMT

    At last, our guys are using these incidents in more effective ways to defame LTTE. Unfortunately, this was not the case when the `Better Economic Management` was in power. At the time, they were the first to come out to protect LTTE.

    It was not long ago when some UNP campaigners publicly betrayed those who got killed aftermath of the Millenium City LRRP incident by declaring them as ordinary Tamils got killed due to the factional fighting among them and MI has nothing to do with that!!



  • 16 Dec 2005 01:54:54 GMT

    It frankly amazing how folks seem to think that when the EU bans the tigers everything will be settled. one goes with his strength not the assumned weakness of the enemy. whenthe bans come the southern polity will hail it as the next bext thing to happen after sliced bread and the learned southern masses will have a merry merry time but not likely a good new yr :)

  • 16 Dec 2005 05:52:23 GMT


    The EU ban comes with a package of freezing accounts and Sending back idiots like balaponnasingham back home if they mess too much! No more money collecting business will happen in te EU here after.. Maybe it will happen but wont be effective.

    Also those forced walks carrying VP`s pictures down freezing streets will stop. The tamils in EU will have a RIGHT to tell the LTTE to fly a kite and wont fear their intimdation as much as they do now! The ban is a start to weaken the LTTE internationally and to strengthen the rights of Sri Lankans! And that TV channel equipment will be a waste! If the LTTE weren`t gonna lose much, then they wouldn`t have made a huge protest when their travelling was banned!

    You can see the Aussie`s are trying to find a cent which is transferred to LTTE and if they find it, then both of us will watch the result!

  • 16 Dec 2005 08:37:49 GMT

    Actually, LTTE shouldn`t keep silence about this incident.

    They should deny the involvement completely and should tell that SL army or RAW was shooting at SL airforce chopper and it is an inside job! The incident should be investigated by Italian police!!

    Probably the statement from tamilchevan has not reached the press offfices yet. He should keep photocopies of a statement saying `LTTE denies the involvement and it was an inside job and matter should be investigated by scotland yard/EU/FBI/whetever`, if he is not doing it already.

    No need of preparing the same statement each time when pottuamman does something!

  • 16 Dec 2005 09:15:16 GMT


    Nobody wants to hear your `Better economic management` crap. If you know that UNP was better at managing the economy, then that all to it. YOU DONT NEED TO REMIND US, WE ALREADY KNOW THAT FACT.

  • 16 Dec 2005 23:04:19 GMT

    These things will soon be well controlled when the shifting of Army Headqauters to Jaffna and building of naval base near Batti are finalized.

    Double trouble for terrorists who are now scratching all over themselves and killing their own people.

    in deparation, they giving a deadline to an elected government to find a solution by next year! (laugh)

    In fact, Sri Lanka should try to postpone, buy time and make more haedaches for the terrorists, requiring them to drain the pockets of expat Tamils...

    These Tamils who are now in the West, because of LTTE. While eating hefty turkey legs and drinking wine they are ignoring pleas to fatten LTTE coffers. Guys, give more and dream more.

  • 16 Dec 2005 23:14:07 GMT

    SLA proxy karuna`s cadres fired the bullets at the chopper. This was done purposely to assist the SL government to make the anti-LTTE propaganda. A failed attempt in my opinion, SL propaganda capabilities are behind the LTTE by nearly a decade.

  • 17 Dec 2005 01:02:40 GMT


    Sri Lanka does not need propaganda. It has answered the call with excellent firepower. The proud Sri Lankan Army, Navy, Air Force and Police are serving every corner of the country.

    Regardless of empty propaganda of LTTE (targeted for `fools in paradise`)every any man or woman living in Sri Lanka knows that they are well protected. It does not matter whether they appreciate it or not.

    I think the government should also consider shifting of Air Force headquaters to Vauniya.