Unrest at Isipathana

  • 14 Dec 2005 01:53:44 GMT

    Smile4u, I totally agree with your sentiments.

    It would be interesting to note how many people have been `forcefully` converted? How can force be used to convert ones relegion? Put a gun to the head or threaten with death if one does not convert? Absurdity at its highest.

    Anyway it would be interseting if anyone could explain as to what this `forceful` conversion of relegion means and how it is done without the will of any individual.

  • 14 Dec 2005 03:25:29 GMT

    Who really gives a crap about your conversion to Christianity smile4u?

    Not me. I`m glad Christianity works for you but that doesn`t give you or anyone else the right to force it onto others.

    The issue at hand is about some Christian Bible thumper trying to force Christianity down the throats of students at Isipathana. If you ask me she should be kicked out of the school, and possibly the country.

    And yes, people are indeed being bribed and coerced into becoming Christians in Sri Lanka (and elsewhere in the world). Christian fundamentalists are operating across the length and breadth of the country trying to bring all the `evil idol worshipping Buddhists` and Hindus to the supposed `light of Jesus Christ.` The `harvesting of souls` continues with these bankrupt and immoral Christian priests using the tsunami to buy converts for their God. The only people being vitriolic are these `soldiers of God` trying to destroy religious harmony in Sri Lanka just so that they can gain some converts to the facist brand of Christianity that they follow.


    Please have a look at:






    If Jesus had been buried, he would be turning in his grave at the actions of these so-called followers of Christ.

    Apparently according to smile4u it is `persection` to expose and question the facism of some of these Christian proselytisers.


    Interesting how he trys to portray the fundamentalists in his community has innocent little rabbits and everyone else as bad guys.

  • 14 Dec 2005 03:31:13 GMT

    Christian fundamentalists believe that all other religions of the world are attempts by Satan at deceiving humanity. This belief is pervasive and resistant to logic or reason; all attempts at reconciliation have met with failure.

    A Christian fundamentalist believes his or her overriding purpose in life is to `save souls,` and that all other goals in life are trivial by comparison. That person is therefore motivated to convince others to adopt the same belief, complete with the self-replicating notion that the belief must be passed on.

    The need for Christian fundamentalism to reproduce itself and to remove competing religions has time and again robbed humanity of irreplaceable cultural relics and lore.

    A significant portion of history has been lost and can never be replaced. Christian Fundamentalists have destroyed whole civilizations in an effort to eliminate their religions.

    Christian fundamentalism spreads itself through emotional appeals and unscrupulous tactics rather than by reason, and targets primarily the young and uneducated, as they have the lowest resistance to conversion efforts.

    In fact, Christian fundamentalists teachings follow the same principles as brainwashing.

    In short, the spread of viral philosophies is a threat to more peaceful ones. The trend that more aggressive philosophies win and gain ground creates a selective evolutionary advantage that perpetuates war and hostility. The role that Christian fundamentalism has played in human history for motivating war and destruction is well documented, and has repeatedly worked against human life and vitality on tribal, national, and even global levels.

    The solution is obvious; the followers of more peaceful philosophies must make an active stand against the spread of their aggressive competition. It is not sufficient to believe passively; Christian fundamentalists believe in active recruitment, and will seed the notions of war and destruction into others. Our duty must be to warn others of the truth of what they represent. We must innoculate them beforehand with the wisdom of objectivity and education. People aware of human history and of the opportunities to believe in other possibilities will be less like to adopt the notion that there is a God who mandates participation in `spiritual warfare.`

    Resisting Christian fundamentalism is worthwhile, because doing doing so brings us closer to ending future wars, persecution, violations of fundamental human rights, and loss of irreplaceable history.

  • 14 Dec 2005 04:15:29 GMT

    Calculator it was interesting reading your posting.

    You say christianity is `forced down throats` and non-christians are coerced in to christianity. Why is it that only the buddhists are complaining about this. What about the hindus and those beleivers in the Islamic faith? Are they also being `forced` and `coerced`? If not why not? How exactly could christianity or for that matter any thing intangible be `forced down a throat`? Do you agree that a relegion is just a belief that one has? If some one were to believe in Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohommed or Sai Baba or who ever, it is just faith and beleif. How can faith and beleif be forced on to some one. If at all you could say `brainwashed`!

    I have had the experience numerous times where so called evangelists from the Jehovahs Witnesses tried to sway me in to their ways of thinking. My witts outsmarted them and it resulted in them having to back down. They did not try to `force` me or `coerce` me. If they tried any of that I too would have resisted with `force` on the basis of self defence! Any one is entitled to use `force` as self defence if some one else tries to use `force` unlawfully.

    What these Jehowahs Witness guys attempted on me was brainwashing. If anyone is able to stand up to what one believes in and tells a person attempting to brainwash in no uncertain terms as to how I did, there would not be any problem. But a relegion cannot be `forced`. That sentiment is a myth.

    There are so many christian ministers and other politicians who go around with mal watti worshipping the buddha at temples. Are they converts from chritianity to buddhism? No! The next sunday you find them in church.

    Then there are the buddhists who go to hindu temples like at Kataragama and pay homage do they then become hindus? Is it a ploy by the hindus (mainly tamils!) to convert buddhists (mainly sinhalese!) in to hinduism.

    So if some one tries to `brain wash` simply chase them out. Do not entertain them. That solves the problem. Legislation in Parliament is not necessary for that. Trying to say christianity is `forced` or `coerced` etc etc is simply baseless and illogical.

    Calculator, Jesus was infact buried. Actually entombed after the crusifiction. There is more to that story that christians believe in. I suppose you don`t think I am trying to brainwash you into christianity in that regard are you?!

  • 14 Dec 2005 08:02:58 GMT

    We are talking about school children here, not adults.

    When you are this young, you are at your utmost point of vulnerability. Not only Christianity any thing will go down their system, including taking up weapons to kill people on the advice of manipulative adults.

    I`m not well read on this subject. With what i have experienced, no body can force another person to convert in to a religion that they are not comfortable with.

    This trend of converting people did not take place recently. This has been happening from the day we were conquered by foreign forces, starting from Portuguese to British. At that time most were forced for conversion due to blackmail or to get top jobs at high ranking positions. People hardly had a say about it unless it was their ulterior motive.

    You can`t look at children from the same angle. As kids they have very little say in this. Our society is such that the kids are made to believe the adult is right. Especially when you are a Teacher you are bound to follow their advice.

    I can imagine what the parents of these children are going through due to this unrest. If I`m one of them, I too will be very upset. Leading the students to excel in their studies in a philosophical manner is accepted, but if you introduce religion as a way of getting them hooked in to studies, I find it totally unacceptable.

    We could all learn a lesson from most western countries, since they do not teach religion as a subject at school. It is up to the individual to choose his/her path of worship.

  • 14 Dec 2005 09:01:38 GMT

    Religion is a very sensitive subject.

    This teacher should have tread on uncharted territories with more caution.

    Her thoughts must have been pure. Seems it hasn`t gone down well with the locals

  • 14 Dec 2005 09:21:31 GMT

    If someone`s being forced to join another religion, that`s something wrong , and an act of human rights violation. But if we continue to argue about this matter without knowing the real facts i think we will just be disrespecting each others religions, and i know our people are really good in spreading rumours too.

  • 14 Dec 2005 10:56:08 GMT

    They are good at creating a mountain out of a mole hill too.....

  • 14 Dec 2005 14:39:15 GMT

    Christianity teaches only love.love your neighbors!

    love your brethren!. if you love a person, how can you

    dare to kill a him.

    In a country like sri lanka,where enmity , revenge,hatred and all other brutal natures brought up among the nation by religious leaders, the basic doctrine of Christianity should be taught. `Love your enemy`

  • 14 Dec 2005 18:02:11 GMT

    Smile4u , kiwikanga , Calculator , pluto100 , petijo1,

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