Dissapointed female graduate commits suicide

  • 8 Dec 2005 00:06:39 GMT

    The level of stupidity/ selfishness shown by her is unbelievable. I wonder whether she really loved this person.


  • 8 Dec 2005 00:15:49 GMT


    sri lanka has one ohe highest suicide rates in theworld

  • 8 Dec 2005 02:13:34 GMT

    ........and the highest suicide bombers too...LOL!


  • 8 Dec 2005 03:33:52 GMT

    The thing I can`t beleive is how these people managed to get degrees without knowing anything about the life, their environment and thier surroundings.

    Thamil : you said `Ur yak people`. Im sorry i didn`t get that. it must be our stupid people, don`t bring politics, racisum in to this case man . sinhala,muslim,tamil,doesn`t matter they r in the same country.

  • 8 Dec 2005 03:57:29 GMT

    Stupid are those members in this forum who call this unfortunate female a stupid.

    First of all this article probably is not accurate and does not give all issues behind her death. Secondly it is stupid to call her a `stupid` without knowing her mental status. She could have had an underlying psychiatric problem not recognized.

    What disturbs me is how some body as said in the article taken just `seven diabetic pills ` could die having already acknowledged taking the over dose, and being rushed to the hospital.

    The deceased by telling her mother that she took an over dose indicated that she wanted help ,and her intentions were probably to get attention. What could the seven diabetic pills could do is make profound hypoglycemia. If she was a diabetic, then This shows that the family of the diabetic has never been educated about diabetes and hypoglycemia. They probably had no clue that making her throw up could be a first aid ,whilst she is conscious. If the family or the deceased knew what to do in an over dose of diabetic pills as first aid ,they could have given her plenty of sugar whilst she was been taken to the hospital.

    If the patient did not die before going to the hospital and died in the hospital by over dosing seven diabetic pills, shame on the hospital as this shows they can not treat a hypoglycemic coma if the patient did not come to the hospital unconscious.

  • 8 Dec 2005 08:41:57 GMT

    I thought people who commit suicide are usually those who are mentally unstable.

    She seems to have a degree in computer science, yet she hasn`t got a clue about life science which is common sense.

    I always think that those who want to take their own lives are very selfish who do not care about their loved ones at all. But then again if you are mentally unstable you seek help and admit that you have problem.

    At one point she did tell her mother that she swallowed the tablets, did she regret taking them or did she want to get some attention from her, showing the displeasure of postponing the wedding? Only she`ll know and the one above who dictates all our actions.

    But in srilanka even if you tell them that you have a psychological problem and needs help the society looks at you from a different angle. You are simply looked down upon.

  • 8 Dec 2005 09:01:45 GMT

    Having 7 diabetic tablets to get attention ! isn`t that a stupid thing to do? She isn`t a 7 year old kid, she is a well matured lady who got a degree. I don`t know about sri lanka, but in most of the countries trying to suicide is also a crime. This is not the first attempted suicide in this country, people even suicide becasue they fear they gonna get poor results in their exams. I called that stupidity and unmatured.Different people see things differnetly though. I think these people should be educated about their lives more deeply before they get graduated.

    Running out of problems isn`t the solution .U have to face the problems that`s real life. people who run out of problems are cowards, selfish, and don`t think about the consequences .

  • 8 Dec 2005 09:32:08 GMT

    Dear Respect,

    Our society is such that people are driven to commit suicide because of their surroundings. In this case I truly believe what drove her to her death is stubbornness, and seeking attention.

    Most people we live around are very low intelligent in sri lanka. Though she had that degree she lacked some thing which we all have , respect for life and facing the consequences with dignity.

    If you look around your neighborhood, you may come across many who think that suicide is the last resort due to pressure from out side. The bottom line is during defeat our people do not have the courage to move on with dignity.

  • 8 Dec 2005 09:51:29 GMT

    Dear Pluto100 : yes i agree with ya !

    maaveerar : Funny !

  • 8 Dec 2005 13:12:16 GMT

    Thanks Magha for taking the discussion the way it should go.

    It is not clear whether there was anything else behind the scene. Somebody was questioning as to how she would have got her degree, ..

    well, she enetered the university some few years ago and once you are in the university, the graduation isn`t a problem. Over a few years anything could happen to a human brain.

    There was a Sri lankan doctor in England, sometime ago, who made headlines for raping and killing her domestic Sri lankan servent and hiding her body parts under a plant. What he had done had nothing to do with his education, there are outside factors that control us in making decisions.

    When my friend got married, he was given the best date for the wedding by the famous astrologer, whom Ranil consults in his matters. A week after the wedding,the couple divorced. It is an isolated story perhaps, but in this article, if the case as reported is true, it brings a different light to the limits of using astrology in important matters.If it is so vital, there are other astrologers who see stars in different directions, angles. I am sure if they consulted another, he would have given a date as they wished.