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NUA leader Minister Ferial Ashraff recently lashed out at those who were using her late husband, A.H.M.Ashraff`s image in their campaign advertisements.
Wednesday, 16 November 2005 - 1:11 AM SL Time

`My late husband`s image is being used in political advertisements like the one in which milk powder is the subject. This is being done by amoral and bankrupt politicians to gather votes for the party they support. These politicians are no longer respected by the Muslim community. Some of them are taking clippings of videos of my husband out of context and they have also gone to the extent of misquoting him in the print and electronic media to serve their own end,` Mrs Ashraff said at a meeting in Kalmunai.

She said her son was very hurt over the misuse of the speeches and video clips of her late husband, the late A.H.M.Ashraff, parliamentarian and founder leader of the SLMC. Her son was questioning her as to whether his late father said different things at different times and places and this was due to the piracy of his statements which are being used out of context by some politicians. She said she however hoped that the public would not be mislead by these gimmicks and would use their votes at the Presidential election wisely.

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