`Ranil to solve ethnic crisis and restore peace, what a joke?` PM

  • 9 Nov 2005 00:42:20 GMT

    The only joke around Sri Lanka is you, Mahinda. The biggest joke after the election would be when the public gets to see Mahinda`s and Weerawansa`s faces. What does Mahinda and the JVP know about politics. Mahinda being a prime minister has not done much to his own electorate, does anybody think he would improve the country. Imagine a government run by the JVP and the JHU. It happened in 2004 but then we had a strong leader, Chandrika who kept the JVP under control but with Mahinda, can`t imagine. He will do whatever they say.

  • 9 Nov 2005 00:48:57 GMT

    Both are stupid jokers! Not one has the ability to lead a country. Ranil has a bat`s (vavula`s) vision and Mahinda has a crooked vision. Where will the country head? UNP MP Naveen Dissanayaka had said that Ranil was worth a 1000 Mahindas. Immagine having 1000 Mahindas as President!

  • 9 Nov 2005 00:51:12 GMT

    Dear Kiwiwanga,

    Bats may have bad vision, but they are the best in guiding through the correct path through their senses. I don`t believe that Mahinda has that ability.

  • 9 Nov 2005 00:52:13 GMT

    The fact is that SL is leaderless now. The only person to benefit by all this is Velupillai and the Tigers.

  • 9 Nov 2005 01:07:11 GMT

    Aritha-Spice, just look back and think as to whether Ranil became Leader of the Opposition and then PM and what he is today due to merrit. When Premadasa became President he wanted the weakest member in Parliament to be installed as Prime -Minister. That was D B Wijethunga. When Premadasa was assasinated DBW automatically became president according to the constitution. Ranil was DBW`s right hand man and confidante in parliament at that time and he accordingly became PM as under the constitution the President appoints the person whom he thinks commands a majority in parliament as the PM. Even when Ranil was PM and DBW had retired Ranil continued to consult DBW regarding various things. Ranil did not become PM on merrit. Mahinda on the other hand has become the candidate also not on merrit. He was nominated just to prevent a split in the party and the majority SLFP supporters moving away. It was all about a power struggle. So we have two incapable people trying to lead a country. I don`t think it`s worth mentioning about the others trying for the presidency. At the end the country is leaderless now. You won`t have to wait long to see the results of doom whoever wins.

  • 9 Nov 2005 11:41:36 GMT


  • 9 Nov 2005 13:06:08 GMT


    Do you know who this Deputy minister and SLFP organiser who spoke in the raly?

    Is that Maheepala Herat?

    If Mr. Rajapakse is taking that man around, he can kiss good bye to Muslim votes. He was the man who started a mini riot in Mawanella. For those who dont know much about Mawanella, it is a city where large number of Muslims live. Herat and his thugs went on rampage over a minor dispute and we nearly had a Sinhala muslim riot. I am surprised that Herat was not sacked from the govt.

  • 9 Nov 2005 13:35:54 GMT

    Dear SK63,

    I guess you have been misled on various counts. Your write up makes me question about your knowledge in the area/country and the riots that took place.

    Although I do not know who Mahipala is/was or his politics, what you said there was horrendously misleading.

    First I must say, I am originally from Mawanella.

    Although I am not a racist, the true situation was this.

    The muslim population in Mawanella is minute in comparison to sinhala population. It is a pradeshiya sabha and the chaiman is my friend Manju from the UNP, thanks to all our hard work. Muslims in Mawanella tried getting their nominee as the chairman with our friend Hakeem`s help but the Mawanella`s own Kabir Hashim backstepped. The massive petition to the then PM Ranil, resulted in getting Manju on the hot seat. He was polled the highest number of individual votes in the whole of Sri lanka (not just in a small area)in the last pradeshiya sabha election.Yet, the muslims wanted their nominee promoted, though it is the same party. Those acts only increase racial division. A group of muslim people in Mawanella have always been engaged in promoting their men in many matters, to be honest many to name. I guess, some muslim leaders in the area do not like this act but the business community is very pursuasive.

    Some sinhala people in the area have been irritated and frustrated over such matters for years and it was just a matter of time before something happened. It was a bubble waiting to burst. We always feared that would happen and it did happen and that is what you were refering to.Furtunately, the community leaders in the area are now working together to promote goodwill and they are doing well.

    What the police found after the riots were scary. It would not be nice to write here. If you want to know more, send me your email and I will write to you personally. It is unfair to take up topics like this in public forums, not knowing the facts. Remember 1983, it was a UNP government and Mahipala is a SLFP guy. It`s clear that party politics is only second to personal feelings. Who Mahipala is and what his politics are, different matters.

  • 9 Nov 2005 15:35:08 GMT

    Mahinda`s little brain cannot understand what Ranil did and is going to do. Ranil is thousands of miles ahead of Mahinda which he cannot see. Just take the PE campaign. Ranil`s Campaign is on its way to the climax next week. Mahinda modaya`s campaign has run out of money now as most money have been spent for posters during the first week which are being removed by the police as they are illegal now. SLBC and Rupavahini owe 4 million rupees or more for ads from Mahinda. They depend on mud slinging and hooting now.

    This campaign teaches people a lot of lessons. As most have brains like this pinguttaraya, even they cannot see it.

  • 9 Nov 2005 16:05:54 GMT


    Don`t think all Sri Lankan voters can be manipulated simply by media campaign. If that is the fact ruling UNP which always had the total control over State media and Private media could never have been defeated.

    It is always the intelligent floating voters who can analyse facts and vote the particular party or individuals in to power.

    Uneducated and ignorant voters will always vote according to their historical party affiliation. (We can see many of them even in this forum.)