GL questions Mahinda`s shift in peace policy

  • 4 Nov 2005 03:28:21 GMT

    Hello Mr GL Pienis,

    Where were you all this time???

    Did Ranil promise your the premiership behind Karu`s back???


  • 4 Nov 2005 04:31:11 GMT

    Can Mahinda answer GL`s question? I doubt it very much. One must understand the question before even attempting to give an answer.

  • 4 Nov 2005 18:26:53 GMT

    GL Peiris has been one of the most corrupt politians under both UNP and SLFP governments.

    A visible proof (among many)is the set of unauhorized bridges he allowed some shanty dwellers to build on the canal along the Circular Road in the Evergreen Park, ED Dabare Mawatha, Colombo 5. Just go there and see the power of this coward GL Peiris. These unauthorized and illegal bridges infrige the rights of the property owners. And there`s a letter signed by GL allowing this, addressed to a former SLLRDC chaiman.

    Would you care what this criminal says?

  • 4 Nov 2005 23:40:35 GMT

    This is a real treat of Gas Labu. It is easy on everybody and could be enjoyed by all.