Police arrest army deserter involved in 42 robberies

  • 20 Oct 2005 11:05:49 GMT

    `mutpakal saiyen pitpagal vlayum` if you do something bad you will face the consiquenses eventually. all this armies robed, killed , raped tamils all this army will come back to south oneday and they will not stop their thuggery there. state had shown them how to hide their crimes. what a help state had given them. they will start their business of steeling , robbing , murdering, raping childrens.

    only then the dumb singhalese will understand , it is right to be fair from start. this criminals will srrike again and again in the south , this one man commited 42 roberies , immagine many 1000s on the way ,and many are enjoying the money the steel from tamils , once money run out they wil strike again.

    if anyone wonder why this JVP and JHU wants this war so badly?

    JHU and JVP supporters and members are none other than those army deserters they commited many crimes and escaped the army as Deserters or MIA(missing in action) and shaved their heads and put the robe and hiding as a monks in temples , then they disided to form a political party. that is the JHU. and many other criminals joined in JVP , they felt joining a extreemist party they can escape and they did.

    if anyone ask why mahida set his deal with JHU and JVP , mahinda have long relationship with underworlds , he made connection through them.

  • 20 Oct 2005 11:10:07 GMT

    Now you understand why we should have war, emergency and what not. If there is war all these guys will be in the N&E robbing the Tamils but with the ceasefire they are mostly out of earning in the NE and thus showing their training in the south. Hope mahinda, JVP and JHU will start the war soon so that our boys will improve their income on the one hand and spare the Sinhalese on the other hand. Many years ago two police officers, Terence Silva and Nanayakara from kurunegala Police were sent on special duty to Jaffna. Both of them robbed enough `Thalies` from married women and when they had to go home for the New year they avoided going by air that was provided to them and instead tried to go by the then Yarl Devi train. They were caught by the LTTE and in their possession were several thalies and many other gold items. They were made to wear these jewels and filmed and their where about still not known. Nanayakara was involved with a gang before that, that was involved in night train robberies between Maho and Kurnnegala, especially involving jaffna and batticaloa mail trains, and he was providing protection to them for sharing the loot. This is what we have ended up with. We don`t mind such a chaos but never yield to the underlying cause that led to all these moral and social decay.

  • 20 Oct 2005 16:24:38 GMT


    serves the two right,but all these crimes were started by the ltte terrorists

  • 20 Oct 2005 16:50:58 GMT

    Why did police have to arrest this criminal ?

    They should have once and for all disposed of him.

    Anyway, good work done, Police...........