LNP – Steps to develop 16,600 km of AB and CD grade roads within the next two years

Nimal Lanza, State Minister for Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure, said that 8,600 km of AB grade roads and 8,000 km of CD grade roads are to be developed before the end of next year.

State Minister, Nimal Lanza expressed these views while inaugurating the rural road development work in the Ja-Ela electorate.

Accordingly, the development work of Ja-Ela Suraweera Mawatha, Batagama Bandigoda Road and Idiminna De Finance Estate Roundabout was commenced. The estimated cost is Rs. 55.1 million. The distance is 3 km.

Steps have been taken to implement the road development plan in accordance with the Promise given by President. Road development programs have been implemented in every electorate in Sri Lanka.

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