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Cross-border cannabis racket busted

Saturday, 27 April 2013 - 12:30 PM SL Time

The seized cannabis

Sri Lanka Navy busted an Indo-Sri Lanka cross-border cannabis smuggling racket in Kachchativu seas.

According to the Navy Media Unit, the Navy arrested four Indians and two Sri Lankan accomplices along with 100 kilograms of Kerala Ganja .

The arrest was made by Sri Lanka Naval Ship Udara attached to the Northern Naval Command in the seas off Kachchathivu on April 25.

Officials on Udara on routine patrol detected an Indian dhow moving suspiciously north-east of Kachchathivu Island and upon investigation, found four bags of cannabis.

Following the revelation by the Indians on board the GPS-fitted dhow of their plan to arrive at a pre-determined location, the Navy arrested two locals who arrived in a fiber glass dinghy to take away the contraband.

The arrested persons along with the cannabis and the craft were handed over to Delft Police for further investigations.

• Daily News

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