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Sri Lanka Navy arrests 26 Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters

Saturday, 6 April 2013 - 1:56 PM SL Time

Lankan News

Sri Lankan Navy personnel arrested 26 Indian fishermen who were poaching in Sri Lankan waters Friday night, Navy spokesman Commander Kosala Warnakulasuriya said.

A Fast Naval Craft attached to the Northern Naval Command has detected the Indian fishermen in 6 trawlers fishing in the Sri Lankan waters off Karainagar in the northern Jaffna peninsula.

The Sri Lankan Navy arrested the Indian fishermen and seized their trawlers for violating Sri Lanka`s maritime laws.

The fishermen will be brought to Kayts today to hand over to the Kayts police for further investigations, the spokesman said.

Indian fishermen, mainly from Tamil Nadu, illegally poaching in large scale with trawlers in Sri Lanka`s waters, have become a serious threat to the livelihoods of Sri Lankan fishermen and they have urged the Sri Lankan authorities to prevent the Indian fishermen from stealing their livelihood.

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LK Information  6 Apr 2013 19:10:20 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Sri Lanka Navy arrests 26 Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters

This is provocation by the Fatty- alias Jayalalitha of Tamilnadu.
She got a big kick on her pu kka when her tigers were effectively defeated by our brave boys.
Now she is trying all her cinema gimmicks to discredit the Sri Lankan government...

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